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Ideal Birthday Gift Ideas to Buy for Your Father

Updated on May 19, 2014

Celebrate Your Father

While you'd like to write a poem or make a craft for your father, the truth is that not all of us are so creative. The truth also is that you want to give him a present he can use . All year long, Dad has tried his best to keep the family operational; it's only natural to want to show him some gratitude in return. Regardless of your age, your father has a special place in your heart, and since you're not so good at giving him a hand with the lawn, you should at least give him a gift that shows your appreciation. Here are some solid present ideas for your father that can be given the whole year round. Remember: there is no rule that says that your dad should only be given a present once every twelve months.


A Mobile Work Station

If your dad has ever complained about the lack of storage for his tools or about the hassle of carrying around a heavy belt or old-fashioned toolbox, a mobile work station is a great gift idea. These work centers are constructed of heavy-duty molded plastic, so they don't have the weight of metal or the wear of wood. Since they're on rollers, your father can easily move many pounds worth of equipment. The work stations have multiple compartments for large and small objects, including trays for nails and screws, so you'll never again hear your dad curse at the top of his lungs about a missing Allen wrench.

If you want to really inspire your father's gratitude, set up the work station with some basic tools. Add a hammer, set of screwdrivers, drill, utility knife, duct tape, and vice grips, and watch his reaction.  It really doesn't matter if your father already has these things, most men love to get their hands on anything that has the potential to fix.

A New Baseball Cap

It doesn't have to be baseball, of course, but almost every father has a collection of caps. The puzzling part of this is that usually every cap a father owns is beat-up and just plain done. If you know your father's favorite team, then this is three-quarters of the work; if you don't, there are a million stealthy ways to find out (ask your mother, for starters!). Even if he hasn't asked for it, a brand new baseball cap is a fine gift for your father. It's really hard to go wrong with a gift that is guaranteed to see sunlight every Saturday morning. So many fathers around the world love sports, and an equal number wear caps, so this is an inexpensive present that is sure to please.

A Keurig Coffee Home-Brewing System

Even if your father isn't a big coffee drinker, the Keurig home-brewing system is simply an amazing gift. Your dad can make tea or hot chocolate with this, too, as dozens of kinds of K-cups are available. The Keurig can be set with a timer, so that your father can wake up to a freshly brewed cup at 6:00 AM, and if he'd like a mug in the evening, decaf is available. The Keurig coffee-maker is one of those items that Dad never knew he wanted so much. The quality of the coffee rivals Starbucks, but he can indulge in the comfort of his own kitchen any time he wants.

A Portable Hammock

While we're bordering on stereotypes, the comical truth is that most men dream about having a hammock.  The idea of a soothing nap on a warm summer afternoon is too much to resist.  Interestingly, even if your dad isn't using his new hammock, he'll most likely be thinking about using it.

Make sure to buy a portable hammock, if possible.  Other styles require the set up of concrete poles or the perfect placement of two trees, and that's probably too much to ask.  A portable hammock can be stored for winter, and moved around the yard to reach its maximum nap potential.  This is the stuff of your father's dreams, so help those dreams come true.

A New Kindle

Times have changed, and if your dad reads, he'd rather be doing it on a Kindle. No more crammed bookshelves, no more moldy paper triggering allergic reactions. He can download books, magazines, newspapers, and games all day long, if he wants. If he's stuck in his ways, this might be a good opportunity to help your father enter the 21st century, and if he's open to new technology, what are you waiting for? While this isn't an inexpensive gift, it's one that will keep your dad's interest for many years to come.

You can preload the Kindle with a few of your father's favorite authors as a plus. Purchasing is instantaneous, and your father will appreciate the personal touch you put into his present.


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