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Father's Day Gifts Under $10

Updated on June 2, 2012

Dads can be a little more hard to buy for than moms but never worry, there are plenty of ideas out there. If the father in your life is a sports fan, consider a shirt with his favorite team or a blanket. If he's into gadgets and technology, consider a thumb drive or a usb toy like a mini fan. If he's a writer or thinker, consider a puzzle or a nice pen. While it may be hard to find the perfect gift, here is a list of gifts to give good consideration no matter what kind of father you have.

  1. Magazine subscription. There are sales all the time on magazine subscriptions, and there is a magazine for just about any interest. This is a gift that the dad in your life will enjoy the day he gets and the whole year after.
  2. Watch. Watches come in every color underneath the sun as well as price.
  3. Tool. An age old classic. Find out what he has and what he needs. Sometimes the best gift isn't something new but rather something you know needs to be replaced soon. Maybe it's something he doesn't necessarily need but you know he loves to use and it's wearing out.You can always look for different add-on to a tool that he already uses.
  4. Book. There are books for anytime of dad, from puzzle books to joke books. Books aren't especially expensive now that e-books are the new thing.
  5. Gift Card. From restaurants to bookstores, internet stores, and online games. If you really can't find that perfect gift, sometimes it's better to let them buy it themselves.
  6. Gag Gift. While gag gifts can make for a good laugh, make sure it will be taken lightly. If your father is a devote catholic or prude, don't get them a blow-up doll.
  7. Slippers. I love giving my father slippers, he usually wears through them very quickly and needs a new pair every year anyway. There are funny ones, cool ones, or just classic old slippers. This can be a little harder to keep under $10 but if you search around and especially if you find a sale, you can get some really neat slippers for cheap.
  8. Key chain. I wouldn't suggest only giving a key chain but it is a nice addition.
  9. Plushie. I know at least 4 fathers who are obsessed with the game Angry Birds and love to get the plushies (and throw them at people).
  10. Grilling or cooking accessory. There are so many options to choose from, think about what kind of things he is always cooking. Is there something that would make it easier or better?

I hope that you find the perfect gift for the dad in your life, good luck this holiday.


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