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Father's Day Gifts for the Nerdy Dad

Updated on June 24, 2013

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What to do?

If happens every year. You just can't figure out what you dad (or man in your life) would want for Father's Day. Well, it really depends on what he likes. If he can be described as a techy, nerdy, computer fan (or nut), or anything that relates to these terms, your search has concluded. Here are some ideas that may just get you the goofy smile on your old man's face.


So you're on a limited budget. Maybe not. But I figure I'd give you some ideas in this area just in case. When budget shopping for a nerd, know what his favorite things are is good. Is he a gaming nut? Does he do a lot of tinkering? Is he all about his smartphone? Well, it depends.

For the gaming category you need to know if he is a video game nut or the other type of gaming (D&D and RPGs for example). If the first, perhaps a new game he hasn't played before is the ticket. If he is the second, he won't frown at a new pare of dice or a game book.

If tinkering is his thing then consider tools. More specifically tools that he can keep with him without trouble. A small multi-tool or tool kit can work wonders both in appreciation and in his tinkering.

The smartphone (and tablet) crowd really is the easiest. For these guys having some spending money for an app is the best thing in the world. While gifting apps isn't the easiest, giving gift cards for the related app store or even cash with a note saying that it is for if there is no gift card available is the way to go.

High End

So lets say you dad has just been the awesomest ever and you just want to drop a wad of cash for him. Good for you. The economy thanks you! But all kidding aside. What do you do? Well, here is whereto start. If he doesn't have a tablet you may want to look into getting him one. There are a couple factors you should consider when looking at tablets. First is what type of phone your guy has. If he has an iPhone, perhaps an iPad would be a good match. If he has an Android phone, an Android Tablet would be best. If he has a Blackberry...well... you should get him an Android tablet.

Finally, size is a consideration. While the iPad is nice, it is also rather big. There are several 7 in screen tablets that are a nice balance of price to function. Be it an Amazon Kindle Fire or a full featured tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, they are well balanced and made. Of course, if your guy is on the road a lot or is all about productivity or is in school you may want to consider one of the ASUS Transformer series. These tablets are full featured Android tablets that have the added bonus of a keyboard dock that adds battery life and other ports that the majority of tablets lack while still being low profile. I personally own the Transformer Prime and it is like having a tablet computer hybrid. I love it!


Often unconsidered is audio/visual options for a gift. A geek dad can never have too few movies, tv shows, and games. Here are some things to consider when looking to fill out your geek dad's library.

1) Does your geek dad have an incomplete series of movies? Is there a movie he cannot stop talking about or re-watching? Is there a genre which he just loves? Perhaps a movie with a graphic novel or book that it is based off of? Maybe a framed movie poster? These are all ideas to consider when thinking about movies.

2) Same goes for tv series. Something else to consider is what he enjoys watching. Look at his Instant Que, DVR recordings, or consider his viewing habits. Perhaps a themed item from that show or something of that sort. A geek dad who enjoys the show The Office would love to get a stabler jello. Maybe even a stapler in fake jello that is a paper weight. How about a machete for a Walking Dead fan. Or even the graphic novel series...

3) Video games are just as fun. There are tons of minitures, action figures, posters and other memorabilia that you can get. Also, if you are a bit handy and on a budget, you can build stuff for him. See the links area below for some ideas.

Keep It Simple

Whether your guy is a techy or geek or nerd you really can't go wrong with a gift card. While is seems like a copout at times, the gift card is ideal. Not tacky like cash, it allows the gift receiver to get what they want. The beauty of Amazon gift cards is they can be redeemed for the massive inventory that Amazon holds in addition to all the third party sellers that use the Amazon market place as their store fronts. Either way, choice isn't an issue.

Need More Ideas?

If you need more ideas on what to get for your guy, check out this other hub on Buying a Gift for Your Geek.

Simple Ideas
Complex Ideas


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    • ibbarkingmad profile image

      Brian 5 years ago from Utah

      Lol! True.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      It's not easy shopping even for someone you know as well as your dad. Sometimes just a tape recording of what you recall of your interactions with your dad over the years is special simply because you made it possible for him to hear what memories you feel you shared with him. Of course, if he doesn't have one, you could give him the recorder you recorded it on, too.