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Father's Day - Great Gift Ideas

Updated on June 1, 2012

Fathers are every day hero's to many of us, they work hard, support us, and they put family before themselves. And with Father's Day coming up many of us wonder what to get the man that gives us so much. So here are some idea's for gifts or ways we can show appreciation toward our old man.

Craft Stores

Often you local craft store will have events that are free or cost very little. The events are themed for up coming holidays and will often let kids do some sort of project. These hand made gifts are appreciated by fathers especially if they can take them to work where they can be reminded why they are working so many hours.

The Newest Gadget

Many dad's love the latest and greatest invention that will make their lives easier. Ever notice your dad eyeballing some gizmo in the window of his favorite store? Next time you go shopping try and see what he is eyeballing and go back later to get it.


Is your dad a sports fan? Try getting him tickets to an upcoming game. Or look into getting him the newest jersey so he can show his support. Some jerseys you can order custom with his name on the back and his favorite number. Maybe dad has always wanted to try and new sport, so look into getting him a few lessons.

Day off from being a dad

Father's work hard at their jobs and at being a good dad, so why not give him the day off from being a dad. Set up a babysitter for the day and you and dad can do whatever you hearts like without worrying about feeding the kids. Try things like wine festivals, getting massage, or dinner at his favorite restaurant.

Personalized gifts

Look into getting a gift for your dad that can be engraved with his name. Often engraving stores will have things you can buy or at least get inspiration from. Things that are personalized often hold special places in our hearts. Thanks to digital pictures you can now get a picture printed on almost anything, so if you dad has a favorite picture you can put that on his gift.


If your dad loves to grill then look into getting some new accessories for his grill. Things like new aprons, new grilling utensils kit, or maybe a new cleaning kit will be appreciated.


Giving dad a high end liquor is a great way to help him unwind after a long day. Its not something he is likely to buy for himself. Its also a great way for him to impress his friends the next time they are over.

Get some help

If your dad's to-do list is getting long, then calling in the professionals to ease his burden is a truly nice gift. Things like painting, landscaping, plumbing, electric, or auto services that he was planning to do him self (someday) can be taken care of in a day and will let him enjoy the fruits but without the labor.

The most important thing about Father's day is to remember your father. Of all the gifts we can give nothing is as special as telling our dad's how much we appreciate them. Even if you can't afford to spend anything for father's day at least spend a few minutes talking with them.


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