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Timeless Father's Day ideas

Updated on September 26, 2012
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Clean the carSweep the deckBottle of red?'I like you'My Dad
Clean the car
Clean the car
Sweep the deck
Sweep the deck
Bottle of red?
Bottle of red?
'I like you'
'I like you'
My Dad
My Dad

Father’s Day is about to descend on us again and I haven’t prepared anything yet.

My 5 year old daughter asks me this morning ‘how many more sleeps until Daddy’s Day, is it three?’

My goodness yes it’s only three more sleeps and I need to get thinking. Part of me resents getting caught up in the commercialism of it all. My kids have already been drawn in and are looking forward to it. The other little voice inside says ‘you really ought to show some appreciation’. My husband is a great husband and father to our kids. Maybe this is a good way to show our gratitude, after all I wouldn’t be able to stand the guilt of waking up Sunday morning empty handed or nothing prepared.

I’ve just ‘googled’ Father’s Day ideas and millions of searches come up.

There are the ‘unique’ gifts such as helicopter rides, tandem sky-dives, off shore deep fishing, race car driving, hot air balloon rides, golf simulator lessons, horse riding and more. None of which are really so unique anymore and very expensive. I guess if Dad really loves to do these types of activities then you are on to a winner, but double the cost if he wants to be kept company.

As I carry on my search I come across some articles from father’s that dread waking up to a mountain of useless presents. This makes me smile a bit as I’m sure I’ve been guilty of the same, before. The presents are opened with feign delight never to be seen again, or found 5 years later shoved in some dark cupboard.

A positive attitude that’s what I need. Goodness its Father’s Day and I need to stop procrastinating and get my act into gear.

What does my husband really like?

Well he loves red wine – ok that’s pretty easy to nip down and get him his favourite bottle of red wine.

Running – he’s always running. I’m not buying his expensive running shoes but what I may buy him is some running headphones. I’ve done quite a lot of research on these as I was going to get some for his birthday. I didn’t realise you could pay hundreds of dollars for running earphones. What I did discover it that you may as well keep going with your cheaper ones a buy a few pairs. The Panasonic earphones have the best reviews and are one of the cheapest at the moment.

Socks – running socks reasonably priced and will be used.

Music – I would love to buy some great music but most things can be downloaded so it takes away that little pleasure. But maybe there's a CD out there that can't be downloaded or and LP for those of us that go back to those days. It's all retro these days.

Books – I love buying great books for people. A good book is a great present and one I believe will never go out of fashion.

Presents from the kids too - they’re not really enticed by any of my ideas so Ican get them to make a home-made card each. They are unique and funny and will definitely be appreciated. I may even take a picture and get it put on a coffee cup, or send them into the $ shop to choose one present each. This won’ break the bank and they will get loads of fun choosing their gift.

Plan the day;

  • Breakfast in bed could be an option, except that my husband is usually the first one out of bed and pounding the streets before any of us have even peeled an eyelid back. A nice idea though for those Dad’s that wouldn’t mind a bit of pampering.

  • A family walk and/or picnic – pack some sandwiches and fruit and head off to the beach, woods, museum. Sometimes, just spending a few hours together as a family can be really enjoyable. Maybe something as simple as going for a bike ride.

  • Chores – get the kids to do some of Dad’s jobs. Clean the car, mow the lawn, sweep the deck, and make dinner. This is a good way to teach your children to appreciate some of the jobs Dad has to do.

  • Hands on - Give him a back rub, head massage or nice foot bath. Pamper Dad at home.

  • Words – Tell him how great he is and give him some thanks too.

  • Movies – go and watch a movie together or even stay at home with some popcorn.

I guess it’s a good time to remind ourselves and our kids to appreciate what we have and to cherish the moment when we can. Buying a gift for Dad may work out really well if your choose something he really wants or needs. A small gesture or token of appreciation will probably work just as well or even better. Dad just needs to know he is loved and valued.

Thank you Dad.


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