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My Dad Rocks - My Personal Experience in Father's Day

Updated on September 17, 2012

" Happy father’s day"

In this hub, I am going to share with you how my Father's Day experience went by. It is that morning that myself and my family planned to give dad a surprise. As dad walked into the room, we greeted him by saying HAPPY Father's day and to our surprise he was quite amused. I knew he was more of an older generation type, but he actually didn't even know that such a day existed. He mentioned that he had heard of parents day, teacher's day and children's day but never of Father's day.

Amazed on his naivety, I explained the importance of Father's day and how it started. I said to him that Father's Day was celebrated on the third Sunday of June, but it was celebrated on other days across the world. This day was introduced to the world in the United States during the 20th Century as a complement to Mother's day. My dad heard the whole history without responding. I also added that it was kind of a thanks giving day to fathers for the hard work and effort that they put in to bringing up a family and living up to its expectations. It’s a time where the rest of the family members greet you and treat you!!!! But of course with your money!

I Love My Dad

On listening to all this, my brother and my mother also joined in and Mom just took over. She insisted that we go out for dinner. She told dad that we had done so much to make this day special, a treat is the way to end this day. As dad could not say NO to her, he agreed but he also had a condition, which was to keep it really simple. In the evening we all got dressed up, dad was wearing his best attire while mom was in her favorite red dress. On the way, dad constantly reminded us to keep it simple.

As we reached the restaurant, dad ordered vegetarian food but on the other hand we had everything spicy and hot on the menu, ordered for our table which indeed brought up a huge bill. On our way back, I asked dad whether he had celebrated any of his birthdays. He smiled and said that he remember only February 14. On listening to this, my brother and I were taken aback. The first thing that came to my mind was the person who doesn't know about Father's day, remembers and know Valentine's Day, Feb 14th. We asked him how that was ever possible. His reply was very simple and sweet. It was my parent's anniversary. He added it was the last day of his bachelorhood and day mom got her master's and gave a chuckle. I turned my face to mom to see her eyes filled with happiness and the feeling of pride to have married my dad.

What a way to end this beautiful day. Like how for everybody, mother's are important, the same way father's play a very important role in every family. And the best way to thank your father is on Father's Day, his day; fill it with love, surprises and happiness. I am sure all Dads’ will cherish it till the end!!!

HAPPY Father's DAY!!!


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi Darknlovely3436,

      Thanks for your supportive comments.

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 5 years ago from NewYork

      nice hub