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Father’s Day gift ideas - What kids can do to surprise their Dads

Updated on June 14, 2013

My daddy bestest!

Father’s Day is just around the corner. On this special day, every dad ought to be treated special. So what have you planned for your dad this Father’s day? Kids love making gifts for their parents. So here I am, helping you out with some really cool ideas that kids can use to surprise their Daddies on Father’s Day.

1) A Rainbow cake

Bake your daddy a rainbow cake. If you think this is a very difficult thing to do, you’re wrong. It is not really difficult if you follow simple steps shown in this video. Let your daddy know that the colors of the rainbow cake symbolize the colors of happiness that he has spread in your life. This would be a great time to show your daddy how much you love him.

How to make a Rainbow Cake

2) A 3D greeting card.

A cute greeting card made by you is more precious than any gift your father might get. Just ask him, if you don’t believe me. Making a normal card is easy. Try making 3D card. Add a special touch to your surprise.

How to make a 3D greeting card

3) A customized cup

You know which is your Dad’s favorite coffee mug. Go grab it. Grab a few marker pens too. Ready? Now draw cute-looking mustaches and writes the text ‘My daddy bestest’. There, isn’t that a wonderful gift for your dad to look at every day.

4) A photo frame

Know what else you can do with candy sticks? You can make a photo frame. Gather all the cady sticks and decoration materials that you have. Now ask your mommy to a picture of you and your dad. Once you have all of it, start designing your picture frame. Your dad is going to love it so much that he’ll want to keep it on his desk at office.

5) A ‘I love you This Much’ cutout

This is a fun one. Take the cutouts of your hand and your dads hand. And make this fun show piece with it. Add a cute message on the palm of the cutout. You can even add your and your Dad’s picture. It’s all about getting creative.

A poem for Dad

Daddy, I Love You
For All That You Do.
I’ll Kiss You And Hug You
‘Cause You Love Me, Too.

You Feed Me And Need Me
To Teach You To Play,
So Smile ‘Cause I Love You
On This Father’s Day.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

Now you know what all thing you can do for your Dad. So go ahead and make your plans. Daddy dearest deserves a special surprise, don’t you think! All the best. And if you’re a father reading this, the a very Happy Father’s day to you!


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      These are all good gift ideas for Father's Day. Fathers would surely appreciate and love any of these possible gifts from their children. This would be a great way for children to show how they love their Fathers.