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Father's Day is Quickly Approaching

Updated on June 9, 2015

What To Get Dad For Father's Day

First there was Mother's Day and now all of a sudden it's Father's Day. What should you buy? Fortunately most dad's are not hard to please when it comes to gifts but, this year you may be out of ideas so here are a few gifts to consider or perhaps they will help you think of other great gifts.

  1. Around this time of year, many places run specials for grills. Grab your local newspaper for the ads and see what specials are out there. Most dads love to grill so a new grill would be perfect. If your dad already has a grill, then why not buy new accessories? Do a little research and you will find many fancy accessories for BBQ'ing. These can include everything from fancy utensils to salts and seasonings. Another item of interest may be an outdoor pizza oven.

  2. Personal Protection Tactical Pen - It's not a knife or a gun but, it can protect you. Men love these types of gifts and you'll get bonus points for its uniqueness.

    Made of solid metal, it can protect you from an attacker as well as break glass in case of an emergency situation. Even better, you can carry this anywhere. Everyone should have one, especially dad.


3. Tools. Many dads LOVE tools and this is the perfect time of year to buy them because again, so many places offer Father's Day specials. Find out what tools your dad might need. If your dad has a specific interest like working on cars, he will always need new gloves. A creeper is also another nice investment as this allows for him to easily slide under a vehicle. Any auto parts store carries them as well as major retailers like Walmart and the pricing can fit into almost any range. There are also general tool sets that make for perfect gifts. Another idea would be a shop vac. Again, these range from small to large and are very affordable.

4. Maybe your dad likes reading. A fun and yet revealing book would be Chad Bishoff's recently released book Surviving Puberty: Erecting Your Future and Making the Breast Decisions.

There are many books out there and the possibilities are unlimited. If you cannot decide what book, get him a gift card to a local book store. If your dad is savvy on the internet, then surely a gift card for a store online is even more ideal. Not only will this be quick but you control the price. Dad's happy and so is your wallet.

5. If you're on a budget, let's hope your dad likes to go fishing. Fishing tackle is very affordable and anyone who loves fishing will love getting new hooks, lines, sinkers, etc. Flashlights and nets also make for great gifts.

6. Tech gifts. Most all men love technology so why not a tablet or a laptop? There are so many options out there but again this is the time to buy because of Father's Day sales. If your dad is not familiar with tablets, there are many affordable ones out there now so check it out.

Sure wallets and ties can make for great gifts but, it's much better to show that you've put in a little bit of effort. Even making your dad something can really go a long way into showing how much you care about dad. You could also just spend the day with your dad taking him somewhere he's always wanted to go but never really had the time.This could be a museum, out to a fancy restaurant, a movie, a show at a local theater, etc.

Hopefully a few of these ideas will help! Father's Day is fast approaching so don't waste another second.


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