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Father's Day 2009

Updated on June 18, 2009

Celebrating loving fathers

Over the years fathers have continued to contribute more to the lives and inner growth of their children. Of course, not every father is active in their child's life, but millions are and for that I think it's good to pause and say "Thank you!" 

My father raised me and my four siblings single handedly after our mom passed.  He is an awesomely good father!  One thing I can say that father's will benefit from working on is being more emotionally available.  I realize that men are raised to be "tough" and not show much emotion beyond "hard" emotions, but the more you let your children really get to know you, the closer your children will feel to you.  A lot of this comes from simply being vulnerable. 

I knew my dad but he was never as emotionally available as my grandmother and my aunts.  Even so, my dad is my hero!  I can still remember the time he braided my hair for my 2nd grade class picture.  LOL!  I wanted him to braid my hair.  He said he wasn't so good with hair braiding and thought about calling my grandmother (his mom), but I told him I wanted him to braid it, so he did.  My braids were sticking out a little, but I was so happy!  I'll always remember that class picture.

Thank you to the fathers who are there for their children, who don't harm their children mentally, emotionally or physically, who are responsible and courageous and good leaders. The work that a good father does goes on and on and on.  Any intelligent man who wants to help make the world better knows he has to be a good father if he has children.

It's to those men that I say Happy Father's Day!  Thank you for all you do! 


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