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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on June 3, 2010

So it's about that time of year again. Sunday June 20th will be Father's day. I know we can all relate, since we all have a father!

I've been mulling the idea over and it becomes even more complicated for me each year. My parents have divorced and my mom remarried. So I have twice the shopping than most people. Additionally, I get to help shop for my fiancee's father as well! So it's time to get organized and list a few ideas.

Normally, before buying a gift for someone you must set a spending limit. This amount can be any amount you feel comfortable with. It's disastrous to go blindly into a department store with no idea on how much to spend. If you have siblings, perhaps approach them to see if they are welling to share or split the expense. Additionally, you may be able to delegate different tasks, like gift buying, getting a card, wrapping and etc.

Now that you have a price in mind, where do you start your search? What do you get your father? Well you don't have to go the usual route (like say a tie...) How about a book on a topic your father enjoys? Does he like to sail? Why not a sailing or knot-tying book? Is he into home improvement? Look for architecture, how-to books or even consider getting a magazine subscription.

Actually, magazine subscriptions are great for gift giving. They are normally inexpensive, continue year round and keep the subscriber up-to-date on the topic they enjoy.

If you're feeling like you just don't have that connection with your dad, or he really does have everything. Consider taking him out for dinner or out for a beer. Make him his favorite meal or baked goods. Be creative here, you don't always have to give something tangible. You could make coupons for doing work around the house. Or help him with his restoration project.

As a last resort, gift cards. I personally hate getting giftcards. They normally require you to buy something you don't really want within the spending limit or spend more money at a store you would never shop at. Additionally, watch the fee structures and rates. If your dad waited too long to use the card, they could be depleted by surcharges and non-usage fees!

Remember, he's your dad and it is the one day a year you can really show him how much you care about him and maybe even give him a hug! So be creative and show him how much you truly care.

Also, if any of you have great ideas list them in the comments section!


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