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most successful gifts for MEN

Updated on December 22, 2013

My Suggestions for the Best CHRISTMAS GIFTS for HIM

Yes, sometimes it's difficult to find some good useful gift for your neighbor, your brother, your son, your father or grandfather, your husband, your boss, or just a good friend. And we know, in life, sometimes everybody is struggling during some periods with difficult moments, or even struggling the whole life with just "how life is going". Also, everybody needs in certain moments some "teachings", HOW to improve life in positive sense, "out of the negative spiral of negativity".

So, if you're looking for some excellent "gift for HIM"? Just browse this lens, filled with 4 selections of the greatest authors on this world.

Why just "those authors"? Because, they influenced me for the best in my life.

An why just "4 selections"? Because, every single book, author on this page, can be sorted in each category. This "division into four selections" is just artificial, as "I was feeling, when reading them the last 12 years". All contents of books/audios in those 4 selections have to do with the "new thought movement" or the "new thought principle", where it is about "improving of personal development", "positive thinking", "attracting wathever you want", "like attracts like", and so on. And it is worth to read them, to learn from the "greatest thinkers", because it benefits us so much.

So maybe those selections of great books/audios will help you to find some excellent book/audio for him? or...Just vote for the best book/audio in each selection? or...You can ad your favorite?

personal development

personal growth

positive thinking

POSITIVE THINKING (books and/or audios)

My FIRST Selection of good books/audios

Everybody once in life encounters difficult period(s), worrying about something. And fulfilled with "negative thoughts" it seems like we are sinking away, deeper and deeper, in a negative spiral, without seeing some outcome. We have to learn every day again, how a glass is never "half empty", but still "half full". So daily again we have to learn how a "positive attitude" is the best solution to create a positive live.

In most of all the publications (books or audios), the most important I have learned, is the statement, we have to live in the "now", never in the "past" and/or the "future". I read the last years all those great authors of this recommended selection, writing the same. Learn from the past in the "now"; live in the "now" and plan, build your "future". The "now" is the only thing we can change and hold in our hands. And the results in the "future" will tell us, if we did a good job in the "past".

So if you want to give HIM an excellent gift?

Find it in this selection of Positive Thinking gifts and you will do HIM a great favor.

law of attraction

The LAW of ATTRACTION (books and/or audios)

My SECOND Selection of great books/audios

In this serie of books/audios it is all about the thinking of "like attracts like". HOW you "think", so you will create your life. Think "negative", and your life will be negative. So, why not learn to be always "positive"? Because you just know: positivity will attract more positivity.

So it will be for HIM the greatest gift ever.

And you will know, HE will learn to create and to attract a great life for himself, family and friends.

The SECRET (books and/or audios)

My THIRD Selection of excellent books/audios

I'm reading those selections of books, and listening to all those audios, already since 2000, starting with my first author "Jim Rohn". But reading them more consequently after I saw "The Secret Movie". A new world opened up to me, when I discovered the 3 books by "Rhonda Byrne". "The Secret", "The Power", "The Magic", are MY TRILOGY of Life. Because I understood very quickly: "Learn from the greatest", if you want to become great too.

So this 3th selection to find an excellent gift for HIM?...

It could be your source for a Christmas present, so HE can learn from the Masters too, from one of the Authors behind "The Secret".

the secret

the power

the magic

personal achievement

focus on business

PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT (books and/or audios)

My FOURTH Selection of awesome books/audios

A lot of men (and women too) are looking to find a good profitable "working at home" business income, or an decent "online income", or maybe some other "professional success". A good business attitude, a good attitude at work has also all to do with positive attitude, personal development...

So my 4th selection of gifts for HIM has more to do with this theme: "how to become successful".

So maybe the ideal awesome gift for HIM, could be found in this selection of recommended books/audios.

All Opinions are Welcome

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    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 5 years ago

      @anonymous: every inspirational book is good to read; have to find lacocca :) ...thanks for your nice comment

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      my hubby likes Iacocca books...