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February 4th - This Day In History

Updated on February 1, 2017

1895- First rolling lift bridge opens in Chicago

It was said to be situated at the Chicago River. The bridge opened up in a backward motion until it stood upright.

1913- National Institute of Arts and Letters founded

Incorporated by the Act of Congress; the purpose of this institute was to make literature and fine art a progressive experience.

1920- First flight from London to South Africa takes-off

According to SA history, the aircraft was to travel to the “Middle East, Australia and the British Colonies in Africa. It was, however, reported that after the aircrafts departure from London, it crashed upon its landing in Africa.

1938- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hollywood star, Walt Disney, released his first lengthy production which amounted to $1.5 million in making the film. The movie came out on top after being awarded with an honorary Academy Award, rating it as one of the greatest American films in the classic genres.

1941-United Service Orginisation (USO) founded

The organisation was established as a non-profit and private institute integrated with the New York state. The organisation held services such as Mobile and Maneuvers service, Home Hospitality, Service to War Workers and Merchant Seamen, Overseas Service and camp Shows.

1951-US female figure skating championship won by Sonya Klopfer

The American figure skater won a gold medal after winning the figure skating championship and is known for dedicating more than 50 years to her profession.

1971-Rolls Royce declared itself bankrupt

The British car maker of sophisticated jet engines and automobiles went bankrupt due to yet another engine collapse. Being one of the largest companies to having a breakdown put at risk “thousands of jobs” according to Telegraph.

1974- Gas rationing ends in Netherlands

It was reported that the OAPEC were to stagnate the exporting of oil to certain countries and, in the event of doing so, production would be lessened. The crisis that followed this act was said to be a major gas shortage around the globe and resulted in a spike in oil prices.

1994-Merlene Ottey runs world record

The Caribbean athlete gained the title as world record holder after completing a 50m indoor run in 6.00 seconds. Ottey also possess 19 medals; each consisting of four gold, four silver and 11 bronze.

1998-Earthquake in Northern Afghanistan

According to BBC news, the earthquake killed 3,230 people and over 3,500 bodies were said to be recovered. The earthquake had taken place in the city of Rostaq in the province of Takhar.

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