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Festival Of Holidays At Disney's California Adventure

Updated on January 9, 2017

The holiday season at Disneyland is one of the most popular time of the year with good reason. Everything is decorated and super cute plus extra magical! A new thing that Disney did this year was the Festival of Holidays. It was very similar to the Food and Wine Festival but Chirstmasy. It was really fun to walk through and look at all the different food so I though I would share it with you. I know that the Festival ends on the 8th of January (which is after I will probably get around to posting) but I thought it would still be fun to share with all of you.

Above is a map of the set up and the different locations of the food. It was really nicely laid out and had a lot of different options from various different countries. The locations with the pen marks are the ones that they marked for me as gluten free options. I actually didn't end up eating anything because the two things that I really wanted were not on the gluten free list. Luckily my dad was interested in trying the food so I was able to get a good look!

The one food stand that we ended up ordering from was the Nosh and Nibbles. This was the stand that I wanted to eat from but couldn't. I really wanted to try the Brisket Potato Croquet and that is what my dad ended up eating. I wanted to order some wine but we were on our way out and I was driving so I passed on it. It was also really cold and it looked like it was going to start raining.

The little stands are super cute and festive. I loved the brightly colored paper strips and the swags that decorated everything!

Here is the Brisket Potato Croquet. It smelled super delicious and my dad said it was really good. There are boiled potatoes on the bottom, brisket in a gravy on top with chives and horseradish for dressing.

Another cool feature were the performers. They had a stilt circus that performed hourly through the park. They also had rare characters that you could take pictures with. When we got there I was so excited because they had the bears from the Country Jamboree and the line was super short. So when I got in line a lady who worked there told me that the line was closed and to come back in an hour. I was so crushed because those were my favorite growing up and we were leaving and she still turned me away (insert sad face). On the whole it was really fun and I hope they bring it back next year!


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