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Festivals of Bhutan

Updated on July 22, 2017

Festivals are a medium to express the history and stories in an exciting and beautiful way. Known for it’s zest, richness and vibrancy; the festivals in Bhutan will give you Euphoria. Depicting the history of Bhutan in an artistic way, these festivals become the major reason of tourist attraction. The ancient history of the Buddhist culture are re-depicted with so much enthusiasm that the visitors cannot stop themselves but visit this culturally rich place. The great Saint Guru Rimpoche, who introduced Bhutan to the Buddhism culture is the one of the main reasons why these festivals are celebrated.

The reason why people enjoy these festivals are:-

- Dances depicting history
- Attention-grabbing performances
- Unintelligible naked dances
- Enthralling creations
- Display of beautiful and artistic silk paintings

These are the major attractions of these festivals. Let’s take a sneak peek into these festivals.

1. Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival

Celebrated in the honor of Guru Rimpoche, this festival is celebrated for the day, which marked the establishment of the majestic Jambay Lhakhang Monastery. You name the form of dancing and this festival has it; be it mask dancing, fire dancing or even naked dancing. The reason why the tourists attend this festival is Mewang which is the fire ceremony featuring the locals, dancing under a fire-surrounded structure and also ‘Tercham’- a dance of treasure which is performed nakedly by monks is captivating in its own way. These performances will surely give you Goosebumps when attending this festival.

2. Thimphu Tshechu Festival

Being the most popular festival of Bhutan, it attracts thousands of tourists adorned in colorful attires gather to attend these breath taking festivities. Cascade of colors, dance performances, joyous activities and plays depicting the history make this festival so attractive. But, of course, there is always one major attraction which steals the show and that is the colorful mask dance where the monks and locals dance their heart out!

3. Punakha Drubchen Tshechu Festival

Celebrating the victory of Bhutan over Tibet is the reason why Punakha Drubchen festival is unique and invigorating. The military officials are dressed in the attire of the fighters depicting the battle of 17th century where Bhutan pushed the Tibetans down and did not let them take over Bhutan. The festival pays tribute to the villagers who volunteered and showed the love for the country to win this battle.

Of course to celebrate a victory, this festival is followed by another procession punakha tshechu where people perform different forms of dance attracting a huge crowd.

4. Paro Tsechu Festival

The most visited festival of Bhutan connects people from around the globe and Bhutanese welcome them warm-heartedly showing heart-touching hospitality. The monks and the locals are dressed in a beautifully attractive multicolored dresses made of brocade. They dance, they act and they enjoy every moment of the festival. The most attractive part of the festival is the 350 years old Thangkha which is the oldest Buddhist religious.

5. Haa Summer Festival

One of the newly found festivals which give the opportunity to the tourists to take part in fun activities like yak riding, folk dance and food tasting is the major attraction. This festival is celebrated to give a great value to the rich culture and heritage of the country. Dedicated to the nomads of the Haa valley, the festival is where tourists connect and enjoy. The most consequential moments of the nomadic history which made a mark then are carved and depicted in beautiful and attractive lively paintings and captivating pictures. This festival is celebrated in the month of July ever since it started in the year of 2012.

Be it any month or any time of the year, you can visit Bhutan and they will surprise with the array of festivals depicting a myriad of historical moments which led them defeat Tibetans, paying a tribute to the people who let this happen and also showing the most attractive snippets of history in the form of different forms of dance, arts and what not. So visit Bhutan and feel the zest of the locals who perform their heart out and also be a part of the joyous activities and celebrate your heart out.


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