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Two Eids of Islam: Eid-Ul-Fitar and Eid-ul-Azha

Updated on February 7, 2011
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Muslims all around the world celebrate two Eids, Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-Ul-Fitar. Eid-ul-Fitar is the first Eid of the year and usually addressed as “CHOTI EID” amongst Pakistanis. On completion of Ramadan the three day celebration of Eid-ul-Fitar begins. Ramadan is a month in which Muslims fast to practice Taqwa (“God-consciousness"), during this month Muslims abstain from drinking, eating and any type of pleasure, they believe that during this month the gates to hell are closed and shaytan (Satan) is unable to distract the human mind in doing bad deeds making it month of purity. At the end of the month the eve of the last roza is called “Chand Raat "(Night of the moon) the moon if spotted symbolizes arrival of the new month ‘shawwal’ in the Islamic calendar .Chand Raat is one of the most exciting part of the whole festival, and with a doubt its the liveliest( if that is a word :P) night of the year young girls apply exquisite pattern of mehndi (heena) on their hand, ladies prepare for the morning menu, friends go out an parrttay :D everyone is bewitched by the radiance of the new moon.Early next morning the first day of Eid Muslims cleanse themselves, men attend Eid prayers in the mosque, while ladies offer pray at home in order to thank Allah for the strength and blessings which he bestowed upon them. During the three days friends and familys get together exchange gifts, eat delicious sweet and endow eidi. Eidi is an amount which the elders give to youngesters as token of love. Brothers sisters,friends and cousins exchange gifts and eid cards to show their love and care for each other. Special Eid transmission is broadcasted during the eid week, with funny plays, top movies, musical shows, morning shows etc. For muslims these days are one of the most angelic moments of there lives, they have family, friends, health, a good lesson upon God Consciousness and appreciation for all that he has....Shukar(Thankx) for now and Sabar(Patience) for tommorow.

Due to the cultural diversity among the Muslim Ummah, eid celebrations vary among countries, in Turkey the Eid greetings are "Ramazan Bayrami" also its is considered important to honor the elders on this special festivity by kissing their right hands and putting it over their heads. Pakistan, India, Banagal, Nepal like countries celebrate eid with Chand Raat and special sweets like "Savyyan" a special type of sweet noodle with milk and dried nuts.Qatar is most famous for the traditional dresses for men and women that they wear on Eid. Women wear disdasshas and men thowbs. In Qatar eid is a spirit of humanity, beau, brotherhood and all the crappy moods glide to peppiness.

 Second Eid of the year Eid-ul-Azha( Greater Eid) is celebrated during 10th Dhu-al-Hajjah to 13th Dhu-al-Hajjah.This festival is celebrated to acknowledge the sacrifies Ibrahim made of his son. This is a four day festival upon which Muslims who can afford the festivity make sacrifies of goat, camal, cow or lamp, the animal must be healthy and must not be stolen. The meat from the animals is divided into three parts and distributed among family, friends and needy. The traditions for Eid-ul-Azha are similar to Eid-ul-Fitar familys gettogether and celebrate the festival dressed in finnest clothes. Truly a pleasing celebration to be part off! :D


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    • profile image

      Shams 3 years ago

      Eid ul Fitr is one day, and Eid ul Adha is 3, clarification.

    • profile image

      Atul 3 years ago

      Being a non-Muslim, I often feel low at the time of Eid, but most of Muslim friends let me join them in the celebration of Eid. I love all the festivals we celebrate in India, both from Hindu religion and from others' especially Eid. I just love this festival. There is so much joy and happiness in it.

      Happy Eid 2014

    • tipstrix profile image

      MooN 5 years ago from Pakistan

      This hub on eid is nice one. I also created a hub today. JazakALLAH. Eid Mubarik to all.

    • Qurbani profile image

      Qurbani 5 years ago

      very nice festival in Islamic calender