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Festive Halloween Bathroom Decorations

Updated on February 27, 2017
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Rachel Wesley is an American author and online freelance writer. She writes for several online businesses and has published two books.

Any Room Can Be Festive

For decorating your home for the holidays there is one room that gets overlooked often; the bathroom! This one seems almost like taboo because the bathroom is a private room that already has all the decor it needs, right? Nope; WRONG!

Do you ever have company over? The looks on their faces alone would be enough to invest in a little Halloween fun for that private little room. And if you get a scream out of them, or even just a little yelp, you will be victorious in the bathroom Halloween scare department. **Cue exciting music**

There is no reason to not add festive decor to this room especially since you spend time in there and making it more festive can put you in better "spirits"! (Yeah, see what I did there?!)

One of the best parts of decorating like this is that if you ever have guests over, they will love your sense of humor, as long as they have one themselves.

It's a fact some people are afraid of seeing other people's restrooms. You never know what you will run into. It could be dirty, with a toilet bowl that appears to have never been cleaned, or worse; not flushed! It could have mold growing in the sink, cat litter with hard little chunks laying all over the place, dirty underwear on the floor for everyone to see. When the room is festive, however, it is a complete relief. (After that screaming and freaking out part, at least).

Below are some cute decorations you can use to spruce up your bathroom. Don't be afraid to go a little crazy with it either; make it fun, make it spooky, make it yours!

Don't Leave Out That Guest Bathroom

Decorating a guest bathroom in a festive Halloween, (or any holiday) manner, is a great way to make your guests feel more comfortable.

Have you ever been to someone else's home on an extended stay, perhaps just overnight, and felt out of place?

Most of the time we decorate our homes to suit our needs. That's great, but if you plan to have guests over, especially if they will stay any amount of time, it's a great idea to "neutralize" the areas they will inhabit. this way they don't feel like they are just treading on someone else's territory.

Throw in some holiday decorations that give that neutralized look and feel for the areas they will be in and around. If nothing else, it is a good conversation starter and enables everyone to feel a little more comfortable, and happy.

It lightens the mood and shows your personality to be pleasant and fun. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing their personal restroom for their stay set up interestingly? It makes them feel important.

The best part? Halloween decorations can be put up and used again and again.Mix and match, change out anything you like, and come up with your own interesting ideas to use, and watch as the comments, and compliments, come flying in!

Bathroom Halloween Decorations

Do you decorate your bathrooms during Halloween, or do you leave them as they are?

See results

Things you Have to Have

If you're going to decorate your bathroom, here are essentials you will have to have to pull it off; regardless of which theme you go with.

These are the essentials, the non-essential ideas will follow below. Remember holidays are meant to be fun, they are meant to be celebrated. if you love Halloween, you can find any excuse to pitch in a little extra to up the bathrooms.

The Essentials:

  1. Matching toilet lid cover and rug set - This just adds a little extra oomph to the overall look and feel of the room.
  2. A Shower Curtain - Didn't think you would get away without that one did you? It is the most important thing you will buy for the bathroom, and that's true; decor or not!
  3. Bathtub Stickers - No, not real stickers, these have suction to them, so they stay, in place, but can come right back up if you need them.

Those are the essentials of your Halloween themed bathroom, but a few more fun ideas could be:

The Non-Essentials (But still super fun):

  • Colored lights - By this, I mean use Halloween colored bulbs for the actual light or lights in the room. The orange string of Christmas type lights are also a great choice.
  • Mirror and/or wall stickers - Much like the bathtub stickers listed above, there are decorations that only stick until you want to take them down. So, if it fits your theme, go with it!
  • Candles- Candles have, and likely always will be, a favorite for Halloween. They are inexpensive and add just the right amount of decor to anything they are used with.
  • Candy buckets - Putting a festive candy bucket up on the counter, sink, or even the back of the toilet just screams Halloween. Putting candy or other goodies in them is optional. Candy could attract insects but some little dolls, theme colored yarn or other Halloween-like of decoration would work.
  • Carved pumpkins and/or gourds - Much like the candy bucket above, this optional piece is great indoors for a week, and they are fantastic outside too. Just a cute and small touch
  • Window decals - There are window decals that are very much like the stickers mentioned earlier. They stick on your window until you're ready to take them off. Then you peel them away from the glass and put them up until next Halloween.

This is all optional of course, but it does make it a really fun and interesting room to be in.

Have Fun

No matter whether you are having company over or not, bathroom decorations are still a very fun project. Some people enjoy decorating their whole home; inside and out. Plus, there is a lot of great and creative bathroom decorations out there. A simple Google search can show you that.

So, whether you want to scare the heebie-jeebies out of someone, or you want a festive appeal for an over-looked room, consider the options in this article, and make up your own as you go. Just have fun, the way the holiday is intended to be.

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