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Fifty ways to save money this Christmas

Updated on November 14, 2011

Fifty ways to save money this Christmas

Christmas is one the most expensive times of year for everyone. It was always great fun, and parties when times were good; but today it’s a very different story. Culture still dictates it has to be enjoyed; but how do you bring that same level of excitement to everyone on a tight budget?

I am going to explore some very simple ways to keep the cost of Christmas down this year!

1) Set a budget for each department of Christmas! Try and stick to it! If you spend less in one area, you shouldn’t spend more in another to make up for it!

2) Keep Jesus Christ the centre of Christmas! Don’t make it all commercial!


3) Research online, so you know the true value of a present before you buy. Shops sometimes put “on sale” to attract customer’s, but down reduce the price at all!

4) Have a plan. Know what you want to get for who and where from. Shopping should be the last bit of gift search.

5) Look for discount codes online!

6) Be prepared to buy Online! Usually cheaper than finding anything is store! Watch out for that Christmas delivery period.

7) Ask people what they actually want for Christmas. It may end up cheaper, and at least you know they’ll use whatever you buy.

8) If you won’t see your gift recipient over the festive period, buy their gift in the January sales!

9) Do a Secret Santa at home! Each person has to buy a gift for one other person only. You can even set a budget per present.

10) Make a gift at home! The personal touch always lasts longer anyway. Some homemade jam? Some chocolate delights?

11) Spend to your recipient’s budget! Remember that whatever you buy somebody this year, they will try and find you something of at least equal value next year! Don’t over push it. You could be hurting them next year!

12) Make sure the budget, not your emotions rule!

13) Gift a gift of Service! If you are a painter, paint pictures! If you are a gardener, grow them some flowers!

14) Look for discounts through offer sites! Websites such as Groupon, or Jasmere, or LivingSocial can turn up some amazing deals.

15) Consider buying in Bulk. Buying six of the same gifts for different people could land you a saving!

16) Fill your stockings full on low value items! You don’t always need an expensive central gift!

17) Create a photo frame! Very cheap to buy, but means a lot to the recipient if you fill it well!


18) Review your Christmas card list. In today’s climate fewer names are going to make it. Set yourself a limit (i.e. 20names or 50names) and make sure you stick to it!

19) Send postcards instead of Cards. They are cheaper, and you can cut the front page of last year’s Christmas cards and use those! Why waste money on new cards?

20) Cards go on sale just after Christmas. Buy lots on Boxing Day and keep them for a year!

21) Buy cheaper cards. They don’t need to say “Merry Christmas” inside; you can always write that yourself!

22) Send some greetings by Email!

Wrapping Paper:

23) Use newspaper, or magazines to cover gifts! (The comic sections look great!)

24) Save wrapping paper up through the year and re –use it!

25) Make your own gift tags using scraps of wrapping paper. Fold it into a card!

26) You could always wrap your gift in material and sew it together?


27) Are decorations really necessary? You could always do without this year if times are really tough.

28) Buying decorations close to the holiday or after the holiday will drop the cost substantially!

29) Use your children’s holiday / school art work for decorations! It will make the whole family happy!

30) Make homemade decorations! Attach popcorn and cranberries to a string and decorate the house. You can always find real pinecones and accords from your garden or Local Park.

31) Buy an artificial tree after Christmas! Buy a good one thought that will last a few years!

32) Christmas Crackers! Make them at home!

33) Holly is expensive! Find some cheaper alternatives!

Food & Drink:

34) Look out for Christmas deals! Many supermarkets will sell what you need at a discount near Christmas to try and pull in your year round business.

35) If you have supermarket vouchers, cash them in!

36) Compare prices at different supermarkets!

37) Be prepared to eat Store Brands! They taste great and save you a lot of cash!

38) Cook your turkey in a large cooking bag, and you won’t need an expensive Butterball!

39) Do you really need such a big Turkey?

40) Do you really eat the Christmas pudding? Why not get a cheaper chocolate dessert?

41) Get your alcohol from abroad or from Duty Free!

42) Grow your own vegetables in the garden!


43) Instead of having a family trip to the theatre, watch a DVD at home!

44) Take a drive around to see the Christmas lights!

45) Play some board games, or some card games!

46) Go carolling with your family, or sing at the Church!

Extra Cash

47) To get a little extra cash, sell those unused last year’s gifts on ebay!

48) Turn old gold into Christmas cash!

49) Get rid of Old mobile phones! Sell them online for cash!

50) Find a Credit card that gives you cash back at Christmas! All the cash back you save up through the year (E.g. Capital One is at 5% at the moment) you spend over Christmas! Will lighten the bill a little!


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    • Esmeowl12 profile image

      Cindy A. Johnson 6 years ago from Sevierville, TN

      I also already do many of the things on your list. They are all great ideas.

    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      I already do some of the things on your list to try and keep the costs down. A good guide to saving money at Christmas. Voted up and useful.