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Where to Find Cheap Halloween Decorations

Updated on October 20, 2011

Visit any Halloween store and you might find yourself shocked at the prices. Inflatable creatures, light strands in orange, black, green or purple, plastic decorations, and even pumpkins all come with a high price. Without even realizing it, you drop several hundred dollars on things you don’t need and things you’ll lose before next season. Instead of going overboard and spending too much money, try buying budget-friendly decorations from a few different stores.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores, including The Dollar Tree and $1 Store have an abundance of Halloween decorations and like the name implies, every piece costs only one dollar. In addition to candy and costume pieces for kids, the stores also offer cheap decorations for your home. Look for fake body parts, complete with red “blood” and plastic wrapped in a handy Styrofoam container. If you prefer something less spooky for kids, choose ceramic Halloween figures. The stores also sell door covers, candy bowls, blood clings for windows, Halloween signs, and the ever present cobwebs.

Yard Sales

While you may not think about Halloween during the summer months, you should if you want a bargain. Start looking for yard sales during the spring, when many households do spring-cleaning. Homeowners cleaning out a garage might decide they no longer have use or room for those oversize Halloween inflatables. This is the time when many people start cutting back on clutter and getting rid of smaller items too. Community yard sales, where multiple homes host sales at the same time give you access to a larger range of sales with little driving. Also, check for rummage sales or church sales, as the sales offer donated items from people in the community.

Before buying anything, check the condition. Look for signs of weathering, cracks, chips, and other types of damage, especially with outdoor decorations. Things left outside develop weathering from rain and wind, but that damage may make the pieces look even spookier. If you find yourself buying Halloween decorations from yard sales, store everything in plastic bins and label the front for future use.

Clearance Sales

As a last resort, look forward to next year this season. Stores rarely sell all their Halloween stock during the season. The day after Halloween, your favorite stores mark down products that didn’t sell. Visit the stores on Halloween day, as some start their sales early. The retailers typically offer 50-percent off the original price and the price keeps dropping from there. Within a week or two, you should see prices dipping to 75-percent or more. Buy those cheap Halloween decorations now and save them for next year.


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