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Finding Unique Themes for Baby Showers

Updated on November 20, 2012
Themes for Baby Shower
Themes for Baby Shower | Source

If the traditional babies and animals associated with many themes for baby showers are not for you, try going the unexpected route. This will be more of a challenge to plan since you will need to come up with original invitations and decorations rather than simply buying pre-made ones from a store. Here are a few ideas to help.

What Is Unique About Mom-To-Be?
Maybe the mom-to-be is a great scrapbooker. In this case, a fun party for her might be one where friends get together to make the first scrapbook for the baby. Have each guest bring some scrapbooking supplies as the gift for the mom-to-be and the activity would be to create the scrapbook. Having the party at a scrapbooking store can help ensure that whatever supplies you might need will be right there. Think about what the mom-to-be is good at or what her hobbies are for inspiration for a unique shower theme.

Recreate a Favorite Vacation Spot
Since it will likely be a while before mom-to-be will be able to go on vacation, recreate her favorite vacation spot. You may want to keep the theme of the party a secret from the mom-to-be so that it is a nice surprise for her. If it is camping in the woods, have some traditional camping fare like hot dogs and smores for the food. Photos from previous trips are nice as decorations and a great reminder for mom-to-be of that special place. Some tarps, firewood, and camping chairs help to set the theme. If it is somewhere tropical, ocean pictures and non-alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas in them would work well. With one of these themes for baby showers, you may need to do some digging to get vacation photos from family and friends.

Favorite Foods or Cravings
Many moms-to-be have favorite foods or food cravings during their pregnancy. For a fun and different baby shower theme, you can make the shower theme revolve around those foods. Have the foods be the various ones that she has craved throughout her pregnancy. Be sure to include some others as well since not all of the guests are likely to enjoy things like pickles and ice cream! You could even create a game around this theme by having guests guess which food has been mom-to-be’s favorite during her pregnancy.

There are a lot of themes for baby showers that are unique. The trick is simply to come up with one and be able to find food, decorations and invitations to go with it.


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