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Five Easter Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

Updated on April 4, 2012

Easter is a special time to celebrate a new beginning with friends and family. This is one day of the year that nearly always feels like the perfect day for a picnic and family get together.

On this special day, we find ourselves wrapped in tradition with great food and fun games for the whole family. We get together to celebrate life and renewal - in some way, it's much like New Years all over again because Spring is in the air and Summer is upon us.

One particular event that I'm sure everyone has done, during Easter, is the traditional Easter egg hunt. However, there are actually many more activities that the whole family can participate in for great fun.

In this article, you'll discover five activities that go along great each Easter!

Easter Egg Coloring

Painting and coloring eggs is one of the most timeless activities to do, as a family, during Easter.

While mom and pop work on the meal - kids can spend the day coloring a variety of designs on the Easter eggs.

Usually, these eggs are still whole but a really fun, alternative method is to hollow out the egg by breaking a small hole in the bottom - this lets you save the eggs for a lifetime!

You can use tie-dye's, crayons, or markers - each one is its own challenge and fun activity; you can get the whole family involved by making it a contest!

Easter Egg Hunt

Why stop at coloring the Easter eggs when you can hunt for them!

The classic Easter egg hunt is especially fun when you combine candy in plastic eggs and scatter them throughout the yard. To add to the prize - make whoever gets the most eggs a giant chocolate bunny - yum!

Another alternative is to use peanuts and have "bonus" peanuts wrapped in aluminum foil that is worth more candy and prizes - this is great if you have many people over and not enough eggs to go around.

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Three-Legged Races

Put boys against girls, mom against dad, or cousin against cousin in a three-legged race.

Really get into the competitive spirit and have a blast as each group stumbles, racing to the goal - it's always a laugh.

Use a handkerchief or a small piece of rope to wrap the middle leg between the contestants and their partners.

Put up a great prize to which team gets their first and run those races!

Be careful though - these races can be a bit dangerous if the team isn't paired up correctly so don't put the little ones with the juveniles - be safe and have fun!

Egg Toss Game

Want a messy - but fun - way to use the Easter eggs you created earlier? Have a toss!

Pair up a team and see which can pass an egg back and forth before it breaks - whichever team wins can get the big chocolate bunny but give a secondary prize to the runner ups :)

The egg toss game can get a bit messy if the egg is thrown too hard but it's always a laugh riot when someone gets a bit of egg. Don't worry though - a broken egg doesn't hurt - you'll be having too much fun to even notice it!

Watch Fun Movies

The sunlight won't last forever but everyone is going to be excited well into the night - especially if you're having an Easter BBQ.

Wind down the night by throwing on a few, fun movies about the Easter holiday or just something kid friendly. The classic Charlie Brown Easter movie is always a favorite.

What's your favorite Easter activity?

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