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Flamingo Costume

Updated on May 12, 2011

Flamingo Costume

A flamingo costume makes an interesting change from all of the usuals that are seen on Halloween each year. Some interesting facts about the beautiful bird are that there are a total of six species found through out the world. Four are found in the American continents, while two are found in Europe and other parts of the world. Flamingos are known for bright shades of pink feathers and long skinny legs. The bird also features a long neck and a curved beak that may be pink or black – even a combination of both colorings. The next time Halloween or a beach themed party rolls around then consider wearing a flamingo costume to try something different.

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Pink Flamingo Costume for Halloween Hot Sales - Flamingo Costumes

Pink Flamingo Costume for Adults

The adult flamingo costume for Halloween features a vibrant shade of pink for the bird body. The option generally also comes equipped with attached black feet and leggings. Most sizes should fit any adult, as in “one size fits all.” The head of the bird fits over the wearer’s head. The beak mimics that of wearing a ball cap (bill of hat). The only necessity needed to complete the suit is a black turtleneck that can be purchased for cheap in any department store.

Prices may vary; however, buyers generally will save 25 to 30 percent by purchasing online. The best prices are listed on this page to help you save money. Get them quick before they sell out.

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Toddler Flamingo Costumes for Halloween

The toddler flamingo costume is original in design and light weight. The Halloween suit features the same design as the adult costume does. It has the same black footing and leggings. It also features the same bright pink body with a black beak that is pulled up to resemble a hat. The sizes that the particular suit comes in are 2 to 4T. 

Flamingo Costume Options for Young Children

Young children also have the option of wearing a flamingo costume; however designs are generally much different then the adult and toddler versions. The child version often does not have the actual leggings or feet like the other two do. The reason for this is so that companies that produce them don’t have to rely on sizes. A one size fits all is much more productive and universal. The body is also a lighter pink compared to the other two Halloween designs and will have fuzzy materials sewn that resemble feathers.

So how does this suit fit on kids? It generally has suspenders that hold the bird body in place around a child’s waist. Feet are sewn to the bird and hang down. The best options when wearing this particular Halloween suit is to pair it with black or pink tights and shirts. Shoes should also match the leggings. The child’s face could also be painted with Halloween makeup to the shade of the body of the flamingo costume to make the ensemble work much better.

Image courtesy of Erix/
Image courtesy of Erix/


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