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Stunning Flowering Tea Gift Sets

Updated on August 21, 2014

Truly Beautiful and Unique Flowering Tea Gift Sets

If you've ever had the opportunity to see a flower bloom then you know how majestic the experience can be.

It's very rare for someone to witness a flower in bloom because the process is often very slow and takes a couple of days.

Unless you're willing to camp out in front of your garden day in and day out, waiting to see one of those buds open up.

Well your next option would just be to get yourself a flowering tea gift set. Not only will you be able to see a flower bloom (well technically), but you'll also be able to enjoy the fruits of its labor in a warm and soothing cup of tea.

What Is So Special About Flowering Tea Gift Sets?

Flowering tea gift sets are becoming a quite popular trend amongst those who love tea. They are a great and exciting alternative to tea bags and loose tea. Plus, they're so beautiful to look at. Flowering tea first originated in the provinces of China and didn't become mainstream outside of China until somewhere in the late 20th century.

Since this unique and one of a kind technique has become widespread, there have been many combinations and flavors invented. Flowering tea is usually made of tea leaves and different kinds of flowers bound together and put out to dry.

Once the bundle of dried tea leaves and flowers are put into a teapot of hot water to seep, it then opens up and spreads out like a blooming flower. The unfurled bundle then releases a wonderful blend of flavors into the water making for a nice cup of tea.

You can purchase flowering tea gift sets in many stores, online and offline. There are also specialized shops that offer a wide range of flowering tea bundles with blends made from jasmine, lily, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, and osmanthus flowers.

They're often combined with other flavor enhancing ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon or different kinds of dried fruits. The resulting flavors are sometimes sweet, tart, or minty or any combination thereof.

Flowering Tea Teapots

With a flowering tea gift set, you also get a fully or partially transparent teapot. The transparency of the teapot allows you to see the tea bundles in action as it opens up and spreads out.

It's definitely a sight to see and a beautiful spectacle for all of your family, friends and guests to experience. In addition to stimulating your sense of sight and taste, flowering tea can also be a treat for your sense of smell.

Flowers are naturally scented and when infused with tea leaves and other ingredients, it can give of the most pleasant and soothing fragrance.

Flowering teas are definitely the main event of any tea party or gathering. One of the best things about flowering tea is you can use the same bundle more than once. Now you can enjoy flowering tea multiple times a week without burning through your supply.

The Primula Flowering Tea Experience

Have You Experienced Flowering Tea?

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