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What You and I can Give this Valentine's Day

Updated on March 16, 2011

Flowers for fellow Hubbers

Although we cannot see each other personally, I still offer boquet of flowers to all hubbers, especially the ladies, both young and young at hearts that welcome me to the HubPages community. I still offer flowers to men who gallanlty showed me to co-exist with them in this prestigious site. I cannot mention names, because I will be biased. It's just that my heart is overwhelmed by your remarks and encouragement that I just can't stop writing hubs after hubs. It is my second home now. Pardon me if I just give you flowers in my thoughts. At least, I offer you the flowers overflowing inside my heart. I really appreciate the intangible gifts you give and shared with me by commenting my hubs. Kodus to you all!

mixed roses
mixed roses

Flowers as gift to your love ones

Girls, whether they belong to the teenage-married-and-in relationship bracket, are most happy to receive flowers as gift this or every Valentine's Day celebration (February 14th). I don't want to argue about it because it is the most romantic norm in expressing your affection to your love ones during that special day.

Colors of Flowers and the Occasion

  1. Friendly date. Two is a company, three is a crowd. Well, foursome can be better if you want a double date. If you hang out with friends, you can give flowers to your girlfriends.
  2. Romantic date.Love is in the air. The waiter usually give a gift of flowers and a bottle of champagne to lovers who dine and dance the night away,
  3. Anniversary date. Reassuring your partner or special someone, that your love never fades, give her a bouquet of flowers.

Grow your own flowers

It's both practical and fulfilling thing to do isĀ  make your own flower garden. Not only on Valentine's Day, you can give many flowers of varying colors to your love ones, friends and colleagues whenever you have time to offer it.

You can grow flowers on pots, in your front yard or backyard. Gardening is therapeutic. It helps lessen the stress that we get from our jobs and the daily rigors of parenting and our existence.

Donate bouquets of flowers to your favorite charitable institutions

This Valentine's Day, we shouldn't forget our elderly and other charitable institutions in our place. Flowers can make them remember that there's someone who cares for them.

  1. Start your flower donation to your church. You can offer laces of flowers to your friendly ministers, priests and nuns.
  2. Don't forget to offer flowers to your grandparents who live in an elderly institution, like Home for the Aged. Your simple gesture will be meaningful to them, even if they are suffering from memory lapses.
  3. Orphaned and abandoned children at the orphanage will be delighted if you give them flowers.

There are many possibilities to do. As long as it will enlighten the hearts of the receivers, then do it.

Orphaned Haiti children before the quake
Orphaned Haiti children before the quake

Flowers for Haitians

(When other parts of the world are celebrating Valentine's Day, let us not forget the less fortunate Haitians during our celebration.

Why not send bouquet of flowers to the people of Haiti, aside from food, clothing and medicine? They need it to cheer up for the moment.

We all know that they are still hurting as of this moment due to the January 12 earthquake that devastated and destroyed the nation.

Flowers can give hope to them. The message is clear that as long as the flowers bloom, this world will be a better place for all of us.

(This hub was written prior to Valentine 2010.)


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Flowers can really enlighten heavy hearts, especially victims of broken relationships. Yes, I can give flowers to my enemy. Haitians really need help nowadays. Thank you for your comment, bacville.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      How about giving flowers to your enemy?. Would it be good to show compassion in this time of Valentine's day celebration? Thanks for hub, travel_man1971. I really have my prayers for the Haitians.