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Flowers for Christmas

Updated on June 20, 2016

Bright and Beautiful Christmas flowers can provide a unique way to decorate for the holidays and add a bit of creativity to the standard Christmas décor. Create an enchanting winter wonderland with white Christmas roses and a beautiful Christmas cactus, or brighten up a room with breathtaking poinsettias in a variety of festive holiday colors. Garland and shiny ornaments are great, but Christmas flowers can add an unexpected touch of beauty and creativity to your decorating.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is a beautiful flower that blooms approximately two to four weeks before Christmas. The trailing vines have scalloped leaves and stunning tubular flowers that bloom on segmented stems. The Christmas cactus may have red, pink, white, or even gold flowers.



As one of the most recognized of all Christmas flowers, the poinsettia boasts big, beautiful star-shaped blooms and deep green foliage that almost seems to sparkle. While red is the most common color, poinsettias also bloom in pink, speckled, marbled, and gold varieties

Christmas Rose

The peaceful and pure Christmas rose exhibits beautiful white or purplish blooms. Primarily thought of as a Christmas flower in parts of Europe, the Christmas rose is actually not a member of the rose family at all. In fact, this beautiful flower belongs to the buttercup family and typically blooms from December to April in its native habitat.

Christmas Rose



The amaryllis is a bulbous flower that produces leafless stems and elegantly beautiful blooms in a variety of colors. Some hybrid varieties of the Amaryllis have also been produced, and the plant is often used as a unique flowering Christmas decoration.

Holy and Ivy

Holly and Ivy

The beautiful evergreen holly plant has long been used as a decoration at Christmastime. The stems of the holly plant are used in a variety of Christmas decorations and are often combined with ivy for a dramatic and dynamic effect. Holly and ivy are both viewed as symbols of everlasting life because of their evergreen qualities.

White roses and silver pinecones

Red roses and white lilies

Other Christmas Flower Arrangements

While the typically traditional Christmas flowers mentioned above can add a touch of creative and elegant beauty to your Christmas décor, any type of flowers can be used as Christmas decorations when arranged properly. Beautiful roses, lilies and other flowers can serve as creative and outstanding Christmas flower arrangements when combined with sprigs of holly, beautiful Christmas ornaments or sparkling bows. While red and white typically are thought of as the traditional Christmas colors, beautifully breathtaking Christmas arrangements can be created from a variety of colors to produce an outstanding Christmas floral bouquet or decoration for your home.

Christmas Bouquets

Christmas flowers and delightful arrangements can provide the perfect gift idea for a variety of people on your Christmas list. People typically associate flowers with the warmer months and often fail to realize that the outdoors can be brought inside during the cooler months of winter. Flowers bring joy and warmth to cold days and can help light up a home, as well as someone’s heart.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 16 months ago from the short journey

      Bringing real flowers into Christmas decorations makes them truly special. Thanks for sharing these ideas.