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Birthday Flowers for Those Born in Winter Season

Updated on January 18, 2010


The winter months are often not identified with flowers; hence a person may be amazed to learn that there are certainly flowers which are particularly for individuals born in the winter months. If you were born in December, January or February then these flowers (in Russian it look like this: цветы) are for you on your special day. They also can be a good way to display that you are paying attention when you want to give a person a special birthday present that most other people will not have the familiarity to be able to give. Keeping things special is greatly key when it is regarding flowers, especially if they are going to be given at quite a non-traditional time like somebody's birthday.

Folks who were born in the month of December have 2 main flowers to choose from, the two of them are quite unique. The poinsettia is best for some because this customary flower is affiliated with the Christmas season out West. Winter flowers are good for any American Flowers. Poinsettias are originally found in Central America, usually affiliated with the country of Mexico. These pretty blood red blossoms have quite the background that go with them; however one is about a small boy that was taking weeds to his church as a gift. Since his heart was authentic, the weeds transformed into the blood red and green blooms that belong to poinsettia. The Narcissus happens to be one more floral to pick from for individuals who have a birthday in the month of December which gives a much different kind of beauty. This flower happens to be a spring bloomer and is connected with the Greek tale of the same name. It symbolizes of both heritage and the ego of an individual.

Folks whose birthday is in the month of January can pick either the snowdrop or the carnation. The carnation is picked because there happen to be a lot of hues and types to choose from. This is a very multifaceted blossom that can be matched to all sorts of tastes. The snowdrop, on the other hand, is a flower that is generally a white color. It is chosen because it is modest and pure.

At last, there is the month of February and individuals who are born within this part of the year can pick from the colorful plum belonging to the iris or another deeper purple blossom, the violet. The iris displays several different shades and its name is really the Latin word for rainbow which makes sense. It is symbolic of displaying allegiance, friendship and insight. The violet is picked when somebody desires to express a more delicate and gentler side. They are famous for having not as overcoming of a scent as some flowers.

Keep in mind, for birthdays in the winter months be sure to choose the floral choice that most suits the individual you wish to give your present to!

Our birthdays are a special time and so demand a uniquely personal present. Each month has a certain flower a person can give. In our helpful article you will find out about the Wintertime flowers for December, February and January birthdays.


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