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Forty Random Thoughts As I Turned 40

Updated on January 20, 2010

I turned forty a few months ago and I honestly have not come to grips with it. Age is but a number they say but 40 is a number a lot of people, except me (ahem!) make a big deal of. I found my 20's a bit chaotic and strange. Turning 30 was something I actually looked forward too. I made a lot of important and clever decisions in my 30's and felt adulthood at its best! Turning 40 however is a different story. I seem to have some sort of "complex" about it. I am also failing to understand the cliche "life begins at 40".

Lately however, I managed it make myself realize that instead of worrying about getting old and wrinkled, perhaps I should think about 40 things I learned on my own and from others, after 4 decades of existence! Here goes:

  1. One good deed does not qualify you to judge others.
  2. Diet and exercise is a way of life, not something you do randomly or every new year, for 2 weeks.
  3. In these times when opinions are always welcome, look before you speak.
  4. Sarcasm does not equate with wit or intelligence.
  5. Choose your battles well - preferably the ones that concern you alone.
  6. If someone talks to much, tune them out without telling them to shut up.
  7. Parenthood breeds unconditional love.
  8. Women usually end up like their mothers.
  9. We all get old, we all get there, so why hurry?
  10. Life has a lot to offer, it's not a matter of living life simply but living life in moderation.
  11. Count the calories without depriving yourself.
  12. It is possible to be heard without speaking.
  13. Losing is sometimes a choice, and when it is, it's victory.
  14. Looking young starts in your heart.
  15. Destiny is not predetermined. However, it does depend in your determination.
  16. You can find strength in silence.
  17. A lot of critics are unaware of their own reflection.
  18. When life gets too overwhelming, add a parameter.
  19. Life like age is not wrinkle-free.
  20. Sometimes you have to look back before you move forward.
  21. Your past will always chase you as long as you keep running away from it.
  22. If you are expecting something back, don't bother giving.
  23. You only live once, but you can reinvent yourself over and over.
  24. Sometimes it is okay to run away from your errands.
  25. You can't dig dirt about others without getting a bit dirty yourself.
  26. You can compete with yourself, as long as you're not your own judge.
  27. Being funny does not always mean you are likable.
  28. Men who oppress women are afraid of their own weaknesses and of a woman's strength.
  29. A lot of pains we complain about are self inflicted.
  30. You can't be a victim when you allowed it to happen.
  31. When you get to the end of your rope, let go or hang on.
  32. Life is a journey and you're it's main chauffeur.
  33. Low fat or fat-free, doesn't mean it's going to make you skinny.
  34. Education is your best investment. You don't have to retire first before you get the returns.
  35. Hope for the best without letting the worst surprise you.
  36. Make peace by making frenemies.
  37. Life's so full a miracles - there has to be a God.
  38. The golden rule is not everybody's rule.
  39. People who talk without substance usually like to have to last word.
  40. Some people talk too much but don't think as much.


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