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Four Key Concepts of a Successful Fundraiser

Updated on May 26, 2014

Fundraising is Easier than Pulling Teeth

In a society where citizens fear the next stock market crash, tax increase, or pay cut, it can be difficult to convince individuals to part with their assets even in the name of charity, unless you’re targeting a religious order. But there is hope. There are a few key aspects of fundraising that must be addressed in order for the event to be successful, aka raise money. These four areas are organization, publicity, motivation, and appreciation. If these four categories are fulfilled, then individuals might be feeling a little more generous.

Organize and Advertise

The concept of organization relates to several smaller areas including the staff and the budget. Before any army enters the field of battle, they have a plan handed down by a general. The event/fundraiser coordinator is the general, and the staff is the army. They must all have a clear concept of the events that must take place, and in what order, so that their fundraiser can be a success. As for the budget, this area is often over looked. A budget must be established to cover basic costs such a venue, food, prizes if their raffle, and any other items that will be used during the fundraiser.

Advertising means getting the word out! This may seem like a daunting task when you think about the vast number of people that is needed to make a fundraiser a success but it can be done easily in today’s society with the existence of Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and Kinko’s. Come up with a basic layout for flyers that say all the necessary information, take the file to Kinko’s and mass produce the flyer by the hundreds then canvas the streets. A way to digitally advertise is to create a Facebook page for the event, invite all of your friends on Facebook and encourage your staff to invite all of their friends. Before you know it, you will have thousands of people receiving notifications about your event every time they check their newsfeed.

Motivate and Appreciate

Motivate. Motivate your staff. Motivate all of your guests and donors. Motivate yourself. The key is to have high moral. No one wants to donate to a campaign where the campaign staff does not seem excited about their own cause. Motivation will also help keep the energy up, and the donations flowing during the final hours of the fundraising event.

Then finally, appreciate. Send out "thank you"s to all of your donors and your staff. This will encourage your staff of volunteers, key word volunteer, to return to help with other events put on by your company. The same idea applies to donors; they will be more inclined to help fund future endeavors put on by your company if they receive some appreciate of their help from the start.

An even balance of organization, advertisement, motivation, and appreciation will fuel your fundraising event into a success. You might even find that getting people to donate to your cause can be easier than pulling teeth.


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    • Uchenna Ani profile image

      Uche Ani 3 years ago from Mid atlantic, United States

      Thanks for the tips. Good writeup.