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Freddie Krueger Meets Mitt Romney-Happy Halloween

Updated on August 26, 2013

Trick or treat

The old haunted house on Elm street was dark and deserted with no signs of life for hundredth of years. The Town people shook in their boots just thinking about 1428 Elm st. because of all the stories of horror about the old gray mansion on Elm Street.

Mitt Romney and his campaign roared through town, the Sound of Romney voice woke Freddie Kruger up from the sleeping dead. Out of the walls he jumped with his hat still intact, surprise as hell to hear the sounds of laughter.. Freddie had been trapped for many years between the walls because of a trick played on him by a little girl,"Ann Romney". Freddie was mad as hell and would destroy any one who got in his way, as he swore to himself, he would one day find that child and pay her back.

His last encounter was with Jason, who was more powerful than the speed of lighting. For years Freddie thought about a rematch with Jason but the child he really wanted.

Freddie heart skipped a beat when he found out that Mitt Romney had married the little girl who tricked him to step inside, closing the steel door behind him.

Mitt Romney had planned a gala bash inviting only the rich, with $100, bags. The house was decorated from top to bottom, with large chandelier in every room, pumpkins and candles glowed in the dark.

Halloween night finally came with all Romney rich friends dressed in their costumes , some were witches, ghosts, goblins some came with a mask just covering their eyes.

The Guest of honor was Mitt Romney dressed as Freddie Kruger with the beautiful Ann Romney dressed in red with a dashing smile on her face. Stepping from behind the curtains Freddie and Romney came face to face, Romney was disappointed that someone was wearing the same costume he had chose. Freddie eyes and heart was on Ann Romney, it had been years since he held a woman, his blood rushed to his head he knew he had to get next to her.

The Town children came to the house Mitt Steps out side scaring them away, he laughed to himself. He would stay outside and invite the rich children and middle -class children in but the poor would have to leave without their treats.

Freddie was dancing with Ann Romney the champagne she drank went straight to her head , she held Freddie hand tight leading him out of the room. A hour later Freddie entered the party with a smile on his face from ear to ear. Ann saw Mitt coming through the door, the smile on her face faded. Mitt honey she whisper you was wonder tonight, he looked at her with a smudge look on his face as she pointed to the bedroom down the hall.

Mitt didn't want to make a scene, I have been outside doing my job. What did you do Ann he screamed, with his guest staring in his direction. Freddie knew it was time for him to crash the party, he started to laugh Knocking over the tables , he laughed out loud telling the guest that Freddie is back. The walls of the house started to shake as the the guest , headed for the doors. Once outside Freddie stood In the door, Yelling and screaming that he was going to be a father, pointing to Ann Romney laughing a crazy laugh.

The house started to burn trapping Freddie Krueger inside, once again he was gone. The smoke blew in the wind with the tingle of the smoke saying, "Happy Halloween". To Ann Romney.



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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      Happy Halloween to each and every one... God bless you