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Free Christmas Games - The Jingle Bell Shake

Updated on October 26, 2017
Play the Jingle Bell Shake at your Christmas celebration this year
Play the Jingle Bell Shake at your Christmas celebration this year | Source

I know you are asking, "What is the Jingle Bell Shake?" It's a funny party game for you to play at your Christmas party this year. This game is for kids and adults, so it's fun for everyone. It is easy to make this game yourself using empty tissue boxes, so start saving them now.

You only need a few items to make this game and those materials are:

  • Empty Tissue Boxes
  • String or Ribbon
  • Jingle Bells

Jingle bells like these are perfect for your Christmas Jingle Bell Shake Game!
Jingle bells like these are perfect for your Christmas Jingle Bell Shake Game!

This game is just about might have to buy some Jingle Bells, but I bet you already have the other stuff needed. It's so simple you are going to wonder why no one thought of it before. It's going to get a lot of laughs from your family and friends. Why not film the game and send the video to everyone who played?

Shaking The Jingle Bells Out Of The Box

Shake those jingle bells out of the box
Shake those jingle bells out of the box | Source

How To Play The Jingle Bell Shake

Each contestant gets an empty tissue box tied to their backsides. (Each box, as explained below, gets two holes poked into it. A string or ribbons goes through each hole and then that ribbon gets tied around each players hips)

Put 10 or 12 jingle bells into each box

Let each player dance around for 1 minute. The point of the game is to shake as many jingle bells out of the box in this 60 second dance session.

Get some prizes for the top 3 shakers!

Let's see who can shake out all the jingle bells in just one minute.

Watch Them Play The Jingle Bell Shake

How To Prepare The Boxes For The Jingle Bell Shake

Get your empty tissue boxes and poke a hole is both sided of the box. Thread some string or ribbon through the holes in the box. The string will act as a belt to hold the box on each player.

And then:

  • Tie the boxes on each contestant.
  • Put the jingle bells in the boxes
  • Explain to the players that they must shake the jingle bells out of the boxes without touching them.
  • The one who shakes out the most jingle bells is the winner!

Game Tips For Playing Christmas Jingle Bell Shake

You don't have to use string or ribbon as a belt for those empty tissue boxes. You can use whatever you have available including a real belt. Don't focus on the exact details of this game, use your imagination and the tools you have to make these game boxes.

You can also make your own rules or change the time you give each player.

You don't have to use jingle bells, you can use small plastic ornaments or whatever you happen to have a lot of.

Make Your Jingle Bell Shake Game Using These Materials

Empty Tissue Box
Jingle Bells
String or Ribbon
Here's all you need to make your Jingle Bell Shake game props

The Jingle Bell Shake game is quick, fun, easy to make, and fun to film...what more can you ask of a holiday game idea? I bet this game becomes a yearly addition to your Christmas Day activities.

Fun Free Christmas Games

Build A Snowman

The Snowman Slam

Christmas Cup Tower

Reindeer Bean Bag Toss

Ornament Bean Bag Toss

Find these games on my other pages

If you want more free Christmas game ideas try the list up above. The first two include a snowman, a classic Christmas symbol. The Christmas Cup Tower is made using disposable cups in Christmas colors. The last two game ideas are classic party games with a holiday theme. All these games are fun for kids and adults, and that makes them the perfect party games!

Merry Christmas

Have fun with these Christmas game ideas!
Have fun with these Christmas game ideas! | Source

Minute to Win It- Christmas Candy Cane Game

Are you up to a challenge? Check out this game from Minute To Win as this family plays several different games from the TV show, "A Minute To Win It". Take the ideas you like and add these game ideas to your holiday celebration this year. Your family will love the fun and competition that comes with games like these.

Family Game Night "Minute To Win It" - Perfect For Christmas


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