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Free Easter E-Cards

Updated on February 25, 2010

There was a time when people used to actually send proper cards for Easter (and Christmas, birthdays, etc!) but those days are nearly gone and it's now pretty standard to use e-cards instead. You can purchase fancy e-cards from various websites but you can also get some pretty nifty free Easter e-cards if you know where to find them. The following is a list of popular e-card sites that offer some cool holiday e-cards including those for Easter. You'll find all sorts of Easter cards on these sites, so you'll be sure to find something perfect for mom, dad, sis and even your pastor pr priest if you're so inclined!


I love the Easter e-cards they have on this site! They've got funny Easter cards, cute Easter cards, religious Easter cards and more! They also come with an option to send them with music and you can even change the type of music you send them with. Simply add your Easter message, fill in your email address and the address of the person you're sending it to and then choose the day you want it sent. It's that easy!

I can remember when was a newish site and everything was free. Those days are long gone and most of their cards cost moolah. But if you type "free easter" into their search box you'll find a handful of cute Easter cards which you can send for free and you get unlimited message space so you can bring Grandma and Grandpa up to date on your going's on when you send them their Easter card.

One of the giants in greeting cards, AmericanGreetings has a fabulous internet site as well where you can purchase ecards for all sorts of holidays. But if you haven't got the dosh to pay for your Easter cards this year you can always send a free one. Simply type "free Easter" in their search box and you'll see a nice list of freebie Easter ecards from which to choose.

The other greeting card giant, Hallmark, has a fantastic internet site as well and if you'd like to buy an Easter ecard, you'll find some great stuff on their site. But if you'd rather send a free Easter ecard, you can do that too. Simply go to their Easter ecard page and have a look through their cards -- don't use the search function for it like I mentioned above, because you won't find all of them that way. In this case it's better to just manually flip through. Hoops and YoYo are probably my faves at Hallmark and they've got loads of free ecards for all occasions, including Easter.

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