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Free Online Christmas Radio Stations

Updated on September 29, 2009

As a writer I often have music on in the background and what I listen to can vary tremendously from day to day, topic to topic. Sometimes I listen to high energy music but sometimes I just want to listen to something cheerful and soothing. Nothing is quite as all around cheerful as Christmas music and I actually sometimes listen to Christmas songs year round, even in July! Back in the day many families had stockpiles of Christmas records and cassette tapes, but when CDs came along it was difficult for some to replace all of their old music with expensive new CDs. If you're one of those people from one of those families, or if you simply don't have a home stereo system for whatever reason, but you'd still like to listen to Christmas music at Christmas time you can do with via an online Christmas music radio station. Some of them are even 24/7 year round!

1. Always Christmas

1FM has loads of free online music radio stations and of course that means they've got an online Christmas radio station, too! The web address I've posted above will take you to the main page of that particular station and then you can choose which speed you'd like and then a new window will open and your Christmas music will start to play. Believe it or not there were 35,000 listeners just now and it's still September!

2. Big R Radio: Rockin Christmas

If you like modern Christmas music with a backbeat, you'll love this Christmas radio station. Bands like Bon Jovi and other popular artists are played here. You'll hear the songs you grew up with on the radio but only got to hear once a year and you can hear them year round on this online station!

3. Big R Radio: Country Christmas

Christmas music has always been more popular with Country music artists than pop artists and as a result there are loads and loads of great country Christmas music songs to listen to. As with the others you can hear these country Christmas songs all year round and sometimes they play multiple songs from the same artist which is fabulous when it happens to be your fave! Lee Ann Womack and others are popular on this channel.

4. Big R Radio: Top 40 Christmas

Think Wham! doing "Last Christmas" and other pop Christmas hits you grew up loving at Christmas! This is a great station full of Christmas songs you can party to but still keep that holiday spirit going. Follow it up with a hard edged version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman and you know this station has something for everyone in the family!

5. Abiding Radio Christian Radio

If you prefer your Christmas music to be more religious based than pop oriented you can try this Christian radio Christmas music station. The link will open up on the website and you can choose to import and listen to the station in your iTunes library if you like.


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