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Free Printable Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers for Boy and Girl

Updated on June 18, 2012

Browse through some of the most adorable free printable baby shower cupcake toppers both for baby girls and baby boys and find the ones that match your little treasure and you the most.

Colorful Bird Free Printable Cupcake Toppers

This square cupcake topper design allows for all kinds of topper punches to be used.

This design features 3 different images (two as shown on the picture and the 3rd with a pink bird).

They are suitable for both baby boys and baby girls.

Get free baby shower printable cupcake toppers

Pink Baby girl and Blue baby boy

Expecting a girl, pink ones are for you, expecting a boy, you can go with blue.

These toppers are simple but extremely cute, they can be easily combined with other toppers because of their simple design.

If you have a steady hand you could also wrap a small bow on the cupcake topper (as seen on the picture) and make them even cooler.

Get the adorable baby boy or baby girl cupcake toppers

It's a girl

Pink has always been a color reserved for the girls! If you are expecting a little princess then these lovely cupcake toppers from are just right for you. While you're downloading their awesome freebie do take your time to check their store, they have some amazingly beautiful cupcake liners that will impress.

Get the It's a girl free printable cupcake toppers

My practical baby guide offers 6 different designs (with more on the way) for you to print for free.

My favourite is without a doubt the blue baby stroller, which can also be combined with some of the other cupcake toppers featured on this site.

Get your free printable cupcake toppers


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