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Free Printable Online Earth day Coloring Pages for Year Round Fun and Learning.

Updated on February 15, 2015
US Navy throwing out illegally dumped tires.
US Navy throwing out illegally dumped tires. | Source

Printable coloring pages fun year round

Earth Day is a great time for the young and older to learn about how we can save our environment in a fun and educational way. By starting to immerse children early in life with Earth Day related issues, they are empowered to become responsible children and adults.

Earth Day is commemorated annually in over 170 countries and is intended to raise awareness and increase appreciation of the natural environment. Even though Earth Day is generally commemorated on April 22nd with week long and month long activities, it is the kind of day you can celebrate year round. One way to peak the interest of children is with free printable coloring pages. Here is a sample of some available ones.

Earth Day Coloring Pages

This site features Earth Day Coloring Pages that include:


Tree Planting


DLTK Kids Crafts

DLTK provides a variety of fun coloring pages which can be printed in black and white or color. “Draw the Details” coloring pages let children get even more creative by drawing in details on basic characters and then coloring their creations. Other earth day templates available at the site includes:

Bingo Dauber Art



Wind Power

Apples For the Teacher

Apples4the teacher offers some exciting earth day coloring pictures with easy to print instructions and include:

Taking care of the earth

Loving the earth


Activity village

Activity Village sees their coloring pages as the best way to teach children about Earth Day and to celebrate it with great features like:

Fun images

Kids holding hands atop the Earth

Kids recycling

Free printable coloring pages online are available for holidays and special occasions. However, the earth day coloring pages can be used year round since Earth Day is best celebrated every day.


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