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Free or Cheap, Yet Incredibly Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom

Updated on July 13, 2012

I Love Mom

One Day A Year

Mother’s day is one of the few days of the year where we reflect and stop to appreciate our mothers. Normally, Mothers are dedicated to everyone and everything around them, leaving them precious little time to themselves.  Whether Mom works full-time, part-time or is a stay-at-home mom, her responsibilities are many. Were we to post a help-wanted ad for the position it might read:

Mother Wanted

We need a selfless team player for a challenging, permanent position in a hectic, chaotic environment. Position requires 24/7 shifts with no pay. Must be willing to commit to the position for the rest of your life. Candidate must possess unwavering patience, excellent organizational skills. Must have excellent discernment to be able to determine if the toy lodged in the small nostril will require a doctor’s visit or can be safely removed with tweezers.  Psychologist, Nurse, Chef, Counselor, Launderer, Groundskeeper, Tutor, Referee, Coach, Maintenance, Sounding board and Housekeeper are all titles you may wear on a daily basis.

A Mother's love is something

that no one can explain,

It is made of deep devotion

and of sacrifice and pain,

It is endless and unselfish

and enduring come what may

For nothing can destroy it

or take that love away . . .

It is patient and forgiving

when all others are forsaking,

And it never fails or falters

even though the heart is breaking . . .

It believes beyond believing

when the world around condemns,

And it glows with all the beauty

of the rarest, brightest gems . . .

A Poem for Mom

One day a year we stop and appreciate our Mothers for all they do all year long. Sadly, my own mother passed away 8 years ago, but I’ve been tremendously blessed with a mother-in-law who is so incredible, loving and caring, that it’s like having another mother. If money were no object, there’s nothing I wouldn’t love to do for her; sky’s the limit. I imagine taking her with the whole family to Hawaii, finding a way to extend our home with a cottage for her, beautiful jewels she most richly deserves etc. etc. etc. I know most of us feel that way… I also know that for most of us, money is an issue and such largess is not feasible.

Despair not! There are many things we can do that are free or inexpensive, yet so thoughtful they truly convey the extent of our love for mom.

A Play for Mom

If you have young children, this is a great way to express your love for your mother and their grandmother.  Work with your children to put on a play for your mom.  Write a short storyline (the younger your children are, the more simple it should be) write “lines” for them and have fun making props and scenery.   You can even make it a “musical” by throwing in some simple songs.  If your mom isn’t local, you can record the play and put it on YouTube or Facebook, dedicated to mom.  Some themes might be: “Searching for the Best Mother (Grandmother) in the Land”,  or  “My Mother (Grandmother) is Better than Your Mother (Grandmother), where your children are debating who’s Mother is better than the other’s, until they realize at the end they have the same Mother.  For example:

Tyler: My mother is the best mother in the world because she brings me my breakfast on a tray every morning.

Jesse: Well my mother is better than your mother because she helps me with my homework.

Janie: You’re both wrong!  My mother is better than both your mothers because she reads to me at night.

You get the idea.  Your children will love being so involved with the creation of this gift!

Family Tree

Create your family tree for mom. There are some great free ancestry sites out there like Kindo and Gramps. This project will require some sweat equity as the research may take time and effort if your genealogy hasn’t been kept track of. The end result however, is not only an amazing gift for mom; it’s a family heirloom for this generation and those to come. You can gift her with a digital version or print it and frame it for her. Here is a link for printable family trees. I could write pages on family tree creation, but Trish_M has already written an excellent Hub on creating a family tree.

Family Recipe Box

I wish we had done this before mom passed, because her recipes passed with her. Take some of mom’s or grandmother’s best recipes and type them and format them to be printed on cardstock. You can include a picture of the dish, the chef or both is better. Print and then laminate them so they will stand the test of time (and all those ingredients!) Find a tin or box to put them in with alphabetical tabs so they can be found easily. You can also get an engraved personalized family recipe box fairly inexpensively. Wrap the box with ribbon and give it to mom. This gift is incredible because you can add to it together long after its initial gifting, by cooking together and including new recipes you find together. This gift can also end up being a family heirloom to be treasured by generations to come. An alternative to this is creating a cookbook of the recipes or a scrapbook of the recipes. While those are beautiful options, I prefer the former because the cards can be washed off, you don’t need to hold the pages open and you can easily make copies of the recipe box to pass down to children and other family members.

I tried to keep all of these suggestions with a completely free version of each so they would fit every budget. Here are even more thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas. While these ideas are for the most part free, they all involve effort, thought and time, which shine through the gift. Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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    • susiebrown48 profile image

      susiebrown48 5 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Thank you for the kindness vespawoolf... I'd like to burn my IT mom hat!

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      What you say is so true. Mothers wear many hats! Any mother would adore the gifts you've mentioned here because they're personal and come from the heart. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

    • megwinkler profile image

      megwinkler 6 years ago from Texas

      Fantastic ideas! I love the job's SO true.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Yeah, Susie, my mother use to say of me that" I would squeeze a nickel until buffalo hollers! Thrifty to a fault. Good gravy, time flies that is coming up next Sunday!

    • susiebrown48 profile image

      susiebrown48 6 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Thank you Husky1970 very much for the kind words.

    • profile image

      Husky1970 6 years ago

      Some great ideas for a very special day. I especially enjoyed the poem. A meaningful hub.