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French Themed Gifts And How To Find Them: Cheese, Perfume And Haute Couture!

Updated on October 3, 2014

Est-ce que votre ami a l’amour pour la France? Does your buddy love France, French, Frenchness and just everything about France? And more important: is your buddy’s birthday imminent?

What do you get for the person who loves everything about France? The answer – in general – isn’t hard to work out. You need a France gift theme, for some French inspired gifts! But what French-themed present should you buy, exactly, in order to make your pal or partner swoon with delight? You need to know what French gifts UK people can buy if they don't have a French gift shop ready to hand. Fortunately when the subject is France gifts aren't hard to come up with. Let’s have a look at some fabulous Gallic options for French gift ideas right now!

Cook and Eat Fabulous French Food

Oh, my my my! French food is famous the world over, and with good reason! You could always invite your friend to dinner at the best French restaurant you know, your treat. (Be warned, this could work out pretty pricey!) Alternatively, perhaps your friend fancies him or herself as a fledgling French chef? There are a lot of excellent French cuisine cookbooks on Amazon right now – why not check them out for ideas on French food gifts? (Hey, and once you’ve given them the book you can always start hinting about getting invited round for their first French cuisine dinner party…)

Drink Fabulous French Wine

You know, if there’s one thing that’s better than French food, it has to be French wine! If anything, it’s even more famous than French food for its quality and the pleasure it can give. And that pleasure is magnified when the wine is shared… Seriously, French wine gifts are hard to beat.

Give the Gift of French Literature For Your Intellectual Friend?

French literature is world-famous (and a little bit intimidating – all those impressive French intellectuals). Racine gave Shakespeare a good run for his money, and writers like Balzac, Flaubert, Sagan and Camus have kept the flame of the French written word alive. Would your pal enjoy settling down with a classic of French literature?

If Music is the Food of Love… L'Amour Is Very French!

Contrary to popular opinion (in the UK at least), the French have contributed a lot to the field of popular and easy listening music. Just think of Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour… French music is full of passion, romance, despair and cynicism: just the thing for your favourite Gallic-tinged cynic! All of these French artists (and many more) have lots of CDs and downloads available on Amazon, and will make fabulous French gifts.

French Film and DVDs: The French Invented The Arthouse Flick

Does the object of your friendship or affections love cool, arty films full of moody dialogue, kinky relationships and philosophy? Then French cinema was invented for him! The French kickstarted a whole movement in cinema, Nouvelle Vague, and their directors – e.g. Robert Bresson, Jean Renoir, Claude Chabrol - and actors – e.g. Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Adjani, Simone Signoret - are celebrated the world over. Let your pal revel in French culture and thought (and hot French actors/actresses) – get him or her some fabulous arty French DVDs from Amazon today!

Buy French Couture, French Fashion: The French Are So Stylish

Of course one thing that is indelibly associated with France is fashion – or to be more accurate, style. No-one is quite as stylish as a Frenchwoman – but we can all try, especially if assisted by French couture! If the person you’re buying a gift for is female – and maybe even if not – then a beautiful little purse or scarf with one of those names on it – Chanel, say, or maybe Hermes – as your French gift, is going to get you an awful lot of brownie points. I mean an awful lot! Easier said than done if you know nothing of French fashion brands - but the information is out there, and you can easily find French fashion online! So give your gifts in French style - who needs French gift shops to get a little of that Parisian style, when it's right there on Amazon if you look!

So there you have it, a few top tips for buying a French-themed present or gifts from France - maybe even French Christmas gifts - for a person who’s just passionate about Paris. Bonne chance!


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