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Frozen Movie Party Theme

Updated on January 15, 2016
Disney Frozen Movie
Disney Frozen Movie

A Frozen Theme Party

Frozen is one of Disney's latest hits and every girl wants a Frozen party theme. I had very few resources to throw such an awesome party, but I decided to use my creativity along with things I already had at home to make it a reality. To decorate I opted for mostly .99 cent stores where I purchased balloons, games, cups and plates. I also purchased some Frozen theme snack boxes and stickers. I covered the table with a snow flake bed sheet which went perfect with the theme. I made a balloon centerpiece. I made cupcakes instead of buying a cake. I bought blue cake mix since the frozen theme involves a lot of blue and white. I decorated the cupcakes with vanilla frosting and made a #8 shape with them since my daughter was turning 8 years old.

Final Frozen Movie Decorations

The final look of the table Frozen Movie decorations and snacks.
The final look of the table Frozen Movie decorations and snacks.

Snack Time!!!

A party is not a party without snacks. I made some mozzarella cheese empanadas and popcorn. I also made a blue punch which you can find in any grocery store. It is basically the blue juice next to the red punch. I added a rainbow sherbet, and the punch looked and tasted amazing. Chocolate in blue wrapper were also a part of the snacks. Finally the most yummy were the blue cupcakes.

Frozen Theme Cupcakes
Frozen Theme Cupcakes

Just for fun

The games and activities give parties life. I decided to have a make-up and nail station since it was mainly an all girls party. The girls had an awesome time doing each other's make-up and nails. I used my own make-up and nail polishes, and I bought some nail art from the .99 cent store which were from Frozen. The girls also enjoyed the Frozen movie. We used a game purchased in the .99 cent store, which required them to pin the horn on the unicorn.I thought it was also a great idea for the girls to come in their favorite pajamas even though it was not a slumber party.

Girls just want to have fun

Doing make-up. Frozen Movie inspired theme.
Doing make-up. Frozen Movie inspired theme.

As you prepare the party, keep in mind the things your daughter likes. Take into considertion the length of the party and make sure you keep the kids busy. A big challenge for parents is learning to make a party fun..

Nail and Make-up Station. Frozen Movie inspired theme
Nail and Make-up Station. Frozen Movie inspired theme

Cool ideas for Toddlers

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Birthday Girl

Happiest Birthday Ever
Happiest Birthday Ever

A happy Camper

My daughter enjoyed her party so much, she even told me it was the best ever. I learned that parties should be for the fun of the children, some how when you invite adults the focus goes towards the fun of the adults and the children are forgotten. By focusing on the child, they will have more fun and it will be the most memorable party in their life.

Let's Dance

The girls danced and sang along to their favorite party songs. They also sang along the party theme song "Let it Go". I did not need to purchase music since we used the computer. Most childrens' movies have themes for which you can find free stuff online. Take advantage of everything you can find for free.

Frozen Sing Along


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    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 2 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Cute party idea. Good job! I wish I had little girls again. ):

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      this is an interesting way to save money and yet have fun with the theme, voted up