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Frugal and Unique Christmas Craft Ideas

Updated on April 11, 2009

Frugal and Unique Christmas Craft Ideas

The holidays are looming and the wallet is lean this year.Bells might be ringing in the season but you’re dreading the blips of the cash register. You are having a hard enough time getting gifts let alone buying decorations. Don’t worry! These ideas will bring back fun and frugality to your holiday during these trying times. Not only will you be able to decorate your home with items you’ve made yourself, you’ll save money! The best part? You will be spending time and making memories with those you love.


Use sandwich baggies to make a beautiful door wreath!

You will need the baggies, about a box and a wire clothes hanger. You will also need various items like tiny ornaments, red beads, silver red, gold ribbon etc.

First, bend the hanger into a circle. Now take a baggie and fold into pleats lengthwise like a paper fan. Tie the pleated baggie around thehanger circle the same way you would start tying a lace on a shoe. Repeat thisuntil the entire circle part of the hanger is covered. Then spread out the foldedpleats on each tied baggie until they are all fluffed out. You have a plastic wreath that is pretty on its own but you can also embellish it. Some things I did that turned out great were to wrap tiny boxes made of index cards in foil and glue them all over the wreath. I have also used small red beads all over the wreath. Once I used a small string of multi colored mini lights with white cording and wrapped it around the wreath. The affect when I turned it on was breathtaking! For the finishing touch add a bow made out of ribbon. Use the top of the hanger to hang on a door or wall.

Make Christmas Crackers!


These aren’t well known in the US but in England they are a mainstay of Christmas celebrations and commonly placed beside each plate at holiday meals. Made of paper or cardboard tubes they are twisted at the ends and sealed. They have a strip that you pull that causes the tube to break open with a resounding “pop” sound. The equivalent in the USA I think would be the little paper bottles used at New Year Eves Parties. You pull the string and confetti pops out all over while making that “popping” sound.

To make the English Christmas Crackers you will need empty clean toilet paper tubes, paint or markers, red or green cellophane or Christmas wrapping paper and items to fill the tube. First, fill the tube with candies or small toys. Just fill a little past the middle of either end inside. Then fold in each end and tape closed Use green or red paint or markers to completely cover the tube. Then wrap each tube In the cellophane or wrapping paper. Allow it to be slightly longer then the tube so that you can twist the ends closed. Tie with tiny ribbons or tape closed with clear tape so the ends don’t untwist. These won’t have the popping sound but they still are a cute little surprise for the receiver!

Make an Advent poster calendar

My kids loved this and it was a tradition every year. Take a large poster boardand draw a Christmas scene on it. Then cut doors out for each day of the month being sure to leave one side intact to act as the hinge. Turn the poster over. Cut small holiday pictures from magazines and tape a scene over the back of each door with the scene facing down. When the poster board is turned over opening a door each day will reveal a scene. Fill a bowl with candies and small items like stickers, novelty erasers. Each day allow the children to get a treat from the bowl after opening the door for the day.

Brazil Nut Christmas Mice Magnets

Fast and east and cute! These can also be gifts for those thatcollect magnets. You will need Brazil nuts, green felt, red felt, and thick black embroidery thread, craft glue and magnetic tape. Cut a holly leaf shape from the green felt. Glue a small Brazilian nut flat side down to the “leaf” Make sure you use the smallest nuts or it will be too heavy to hang the finished magnet. Once that is dry cut out two tiny circles and a rectangular sliver out of the red felt. Gluethe circles in place as eyes on the tapered end of the nut, and the sliver as a tail on the broader end. Cut tiny stands of embroidery thread and dip in glue.Wipe off the excess. Allow to dry so that they are stiff then glue into place below the eyes to make the mouse’s whiskers. When everything is dry, turn over and glue a length of magnetic tape on the bottom of the leaflet glue completely and put on your refrigerator!

I hope these craft ideas get you started on some frugal fun this Christmas!



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