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What to do on Halloween?

Updated on August 17, 2015

A Short History of Halloween

Halloween is a fun and festive fall celebration. Are you wondering what to do for Halloween? Perhaps taking a look at the history of the holiday will help inspire some new magic. Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic Festival called Samhain. This celebration marks the end of the summer and harvest and marks the beginning of the long, dark winter. It was also thought, among pagan religions, to be a time when the veil between the living realms and the dead became blurred. During this time, access to higher prophetic or psychic abilities are possible. It is a magical time celebrating a bountiful harvest and marks the time for introspection and contemplation as we plan for winters' slumber.

Halloween is also the favorite time of year for modern day wiccans who practice the ancient craft of witchcraft. It is the celebration of reincarnation with it's foundation in Pagan religions. It is also considered a time for dimensional openings and workings with somber thoughts for the dead. Witches believe it is a time of endings, whether it be relationships or negative situations in order to open the paths for the future.


An Alternative to Traditional Trick or Treating

Skip the Hectic Door To Door Drag-a-Thon

Today, for most people, Halloween marks the day when our children will don scary costumes and beg for teeth rotting goodies door to door. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun day, but how about skipping the same old door to door knocking and find some new alternatives this year! If you want to know what to do on Halloween, here are a few ideas for celebrating this fall season!


Many organizations these days set up a festive atmosphere where children and families can go car to car in a parking lot setting. This is easier if you have small children who are not willing to hike the neighborhoods for a bag of candy!

Corn Maze or Hay Rides

Check out local farms which may be offering fall harvest celebrations. Many have fun corn field mazes, apple bobbing activities and hay rides (haunted and not). This is a great way to teach your children about the celebration of harvest and appreciation for natures gifts!

Scary Movie Night Sleepover

How about a scary movie marathon in your own home. You kids could have a halloween sleep over and perhaps even tell each other a ghost story or two!

Malls and Local Town Festivals

Many of the malls and local communities have a halloween oriented event. Malls offer candy at each of the stores and is a fun way for kids to interact with one another while not having to walk too far.

Celebrate The Season!

Ultimately Halloween is meant to be a fun time! Figuring out what to do on Halloween may be a balance between appeasing those sugar starved little ones and yet embracing the solace of the season and the bounty of fall. It's a time to celebrate the harvest but also a time to embrace the dark, mysterious side in all of us. Apple Cider and a witches savvy! Blessed Be and Happy Broom Stick Diving!



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