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Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for Four Year Old Boys

Updated on October 27, 2014
Buying a present for a five year old boy can be tricky.
Buying a present for a five year old boy can be tricky. | Source

Birthday / Christmas Gift Ideas for Four to Five Year Old Boys

Searching for a birthday gift for your nephew or your child's playmate? Want to buy a birthday present for a four year old that is fun and the parents will like? Here are some great birthday gift ideas for four year old boys.

Ant Farm

If you think the parents won't mind having ants in the house, an ant farm is a great gift! It's educational and creative. You can order the ants and have them shipped directly to your house. It's definitely a gift the little boy will never forget.

Oklahoma City Science Museum

Gift Certificate to a Children's Museum

Is there a kid's museum in the area? A gift certificate to a local children's museum is a fabulous gift. This is one of those presents that great for "the kid that has everything". The child will enjoy visiting fun exhibits. If this is a gift you'll bring to a birthday party, you might want to include a small additional gift such as a toy car.

Lego Set

I've never met a little boy who didn't love legos! Legos are great for both kids (because of the joy of creating things) and parents (because they stay quiet for at least 15 minutes or so). Lego makes several sets for kids ages four and above. One is the Lego Road Construction Set - click here for more info. Another is the Lego firefighter building set. You can view it here. Legos encourage creativity, and are just plain fun!

Play-Doh Set

Another fabulous gift idea for a four year old little boy is a play-doh set. While it is very messy, it does encourage children to express themselves. Kids love play-doh and its a very amusing gift. The downsize is that some parents don't like the mess - especially if it ends up stuck to their carpet. But, if you think the parent is easy going, I highly recommend buying a play-doh set.

Personalized Mug, Piggy Bank or Plate

If you think the child will receive lots of toys, another great idea is to buy something personalized. Children always like to have something that says their name. Google "personalized gifts for kids" for ideas. It will be a nice memento for the little boy to keep.

Painting can be very therapeutic.
Painting can be very therapeutic. | Source

Gift Certificate to a Paint Your Own Pottery Place

This is another unique gift idea that is probably more for the parents that the child. But it still makes for a very creative gift. There are numerous paint-your-own pottery studios across the country. At these locations, the child can have their footprint or hand print made and then an artist will decorate it to look like an animal or object. For example, they can make snowmen out of footprints, octopi out of hand prints, etc. Its a cute idea that will give the parents a nice memento. Google "paint your own" pottery with your town/city's name to find one in your area. You might also include a small additional gift with it such as a matchbox car, etc.


Tinkertoys are also fantastic gifts that little boys love. They'll enjoy creating unusual contraptions with the building pieces. It is a timeless gift and great for four year old little boys.

These are just seven excellent gift ideas for a little boy.

Happy Shopping and Have Fun!

Which birthday gift is your favorite idea?

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