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Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Updated on January 7, 2015

Parties are usually meant to be fun and exciting. Bring out your inner child and have some fun celebrating with these birthday party ideas for adults! You and your guests can have a lot of laughs and entertainment. Make it a party that people will still talk about for years to come!

Hang A Pinata

Usually pinatas are found at children's parties, but they can also be a lot of fun for adults as well. Buy a pinata and make sure that it is located in a place where people will swing at it and not damage any walls or furniture. If you do not want people swinging a stick around trying to hit the pinata, then you may want to look for a pull string pinata where each person can take turns pulling a string until the treats fall out. Put adult items in the pinata such as, spare change or dollar bills, breath mints, gum, scratch off lottery tickets, tiny plastic bottles of liquor and decks of playing cards. You could also throw in some candies that were popular during the time when the person whose birthday you are celebrating was born.

Theme Party

If the person you are throwing the party for was born in the 80's, then you might want to throw an 80's theme party. Everyone can come dressed in some 80's fashion and you can play songs that were popular in the 80's. You can do this for all decades. If the person who you are celebrating the party for is really into celebrities and gossip, then you can try having a celebrity themed party. Have everyone come dressed as a famous celebrity of their choice or as celebrities that the birthday girl or guy really likes. This can be fun if other people are willing to participate. It might be interesting to see which people can actually pull off looking like the celebrity they came dressed as. Throw out a red carpet for the guest of honor, who is the person whose birthday you are celebrating. Pick any theme that you think would be appropriate for this person's party, whether it be a casino theme for gamblers, a sports theme for sport's fans or any particular hobby or interest that the birthday guy or girl has.

Drinking Games

If you are planning on serving alcohol at the party, then you may want to organize some drinking games. These games can break the ice and add a lot of humor to the party. Some drinking games you can play are beer pong, flip cup and card games. You can even make up your own games, just make sure they are fun and will keep people entertained.

Board Games

You might have some fun watching adults get up and play Twister or musical chairs. Pictionary and other drawing board games might be fun. Charades is also a good game to play with a group of people. Try to pick a board game that will best suit your crowd.

Dance Party

There are many different genres of music so try to pick songs that you think would be of interest to your party guests. You could have a dance party geared toward the music of the fifties and sixties. Some song suggestions for this type of party would be, The Twist, The Jerk, The Jitterbug and the Hand Jive. If you want to have a more modern dance party, try to play some line dances that people can do, such as the Electric Slide, the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide. Keep people up and dancing with songs that have good energy and will make people want to get out of their seat.

Sing Karaoke

If you would like to see how well the party guests can sing, then you may want to rent a karaoke machine. Some popular video game systems also have karaoke video games that you can play. Try to get everyone up to sing, whether they are good at it or not. It will make for a lot of laughs. You could even have a karaoke contest and award a small prize to the best singer.

Rent A Clown

You might think that clowns are only for children's parties, but think again. You can rent a clown for an adult party too! It sounds like a silly idea but a clown could provide you and your guests with some fun and entertainment. You can do a search online for ways to rent a clown for an adult party. It might not be easy to find a clown for adult parties in your area, but it might be a worth a try if you think your guests would enjoy this party idea.


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