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Fun DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Updated on March 9, 2014

Cute Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Baby’s first Halloween is always an exciting one for mom and dad. Your little one may not realize what the holiday is all about, but it’s still a fun time to dress her up for the festivities and Halloween treats. Since your baby will have grown so much by the next Halloween, chances are you’ll only get the one use out of a costume. But if you make it yourself, you’ll save a bundle on overpriced store bought baby costumes.

Pictures & Costume Ideas to Make


Rethink Baby Clothes

Many cute personalized baby clothes are available as pajamas or rompers that already look cute enough to be costumes. Think about the outfits you already have. Did one come with a matching doggie hat? Use that and baby can dress as a puppy. Does a pair of pjs look like a cowboy or princess? That’s a ready made costume. Even a baby Santa suit can double as a Halloween costume.

Time Crunch: Where Are You At?

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Modify Baby Clothes

With a closet full of baby clothes, chances are you’ve got all the makings for the perfect baby costume. Dress baby in green from head to toe and put a little green hat on him. He can go as a pea pod. Or dress him in all red and put the letter M on his chest in marker or felt; now he’s an adorable M&M!

Other cute ideas include an all pink outfit complete with those adorable baby tights with the ruffled derriere. Just add a dollar store tiara and she’s a princess.

Mix and match things you already have. It’s easy to add felt cat or dog ears to a hooded sweatshirt and a tail to sweatpants. Add google eyes to a baseball hat and you can make just about any animal. Think yellow for a duck or pink for a piggy. Footed pajamas are also a great starter for a costume. You can add face paint and ears to make a bunny or cow depending on the fabric.

Why Their Costume Should Be Comfortable


Add Details

Depending on the time and energy you have to invest in the making of a baby Halloween costume, you can really get crafty. Make a tutu out of crinoline and turn her into a beautiful ballerina. Make a cape and attach it to a onesie and you have a little Superman. Or try these easy creations:

· Turn baby into Bob the Builder with a pair of overalls, button down shirt, and a baby-sized tool belt. You can find baby sized tools at a toy store. Include a pint sized hard hat and you’re ready to go.

· Baby Elvis is easy to create. Make or find a white jumpsuit in baby’s size. Flair out the legs and add a swatch of red fabric to create that bell-bottom feel. Glue on some rhinestones and sparkles. Depending on how far you want to go, you can glue a wig onto one of baby’s hats and give him Elvis’s trademark hair and sideburns!

· Grab a white T-shirt from Dad and make baby into an angel. Belt the shirt with gold fabric, and add wings made of glittery material over wire coat hangers. Don’t forget a gold band for the halo. Your little one will look like a little baby gift from God!


Be Safe

Above all, remember that whichever costume you choose should be age appropriate. Never place anything on baby’s head that could accidently cover her face and restrict her breathing. And be careful with small parts that could break off and become a choking hazard.

With a little time and effort, you can create an adorable and affordable costume for your little one.  Use your creativity and make your baby’s first Halloween one to remember!

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    • VeronicaFarkas profile image

      Veronica Roberts 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      So cute! I love the "Princess Lei" baby.

      Great ideas!

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      Gosh, these babies are just so cute and innocent looking.

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 7 years ago

      Lots of cute ideas - love the Youtube video. I've featured this hub on my new Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas hub.