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Facts About Great Britain And Famous Britons.

Updated on March 1, 2014
Great Britain.
Great Britain. | Source

Facts and Figures

In this hub we will look at some unusual facts and figures about Great Britain.

Admiral Nelson.
Admiral Nelson.

Famous Last Words

Admiral Nelson: " God And My Country " not " Kiss Me Hardy " or " Thank God I Have Done My Duty" as popularly believed.

Winston Churchill: " I'm Bored With It All"

Charles Darwin : " I Am Not The Least Afraid To Die "

H.G.Wells: " Go Away, I,m Alright"

Elizabeth 1st : " All My Possessions For A Moment In Time"

Nancy Astor: " Am I Dying Or Is This My Birthday" Astor was the first female MP to take a seat in the House of Commons.

Diana Princess Of Wales: " My God. Whats Happened ?"

Oscar Wilde: " My Wallpaper And I Are Fighting A Duel To The Death. One Or The Other Of Us Has To Go."

Sir Walter Raleigh : " So The Heart Be Right, It Is No Matter Which Way The Head Lieth. "

Anne Boleyn : " Oh God, Have Pity On My Soul. Oh God, Have Pity On My Soul."


The most common surname in the UK is Smith, the name derives from the Old English word Smitan meaning one who works in metal. Smith is followed by Jones and Williams as most common surnames.

Part Of Birmingham's Jewelry Quarter Today.
Part Of Birmingham's Jewelry Quarter Today.


What are people that come from a certain place in the UK known as?

London: Cockneys - Londoners are normally known as Cockneys although to be a true cockney one has to be born within ear shot of " Bow Bells " the bells of St Mary Le Bow a historic church within the City Of London.

Liverpool: Scousers or Liverpudlians - The term " scouse " refers to a type of stew that was eaten by 19th century sailors in the area.

Newcastle : Geordies - Probably derives from the name George a very common name among the miners of North East England.

Glasgow: Glaswegians.

Birmingham: Brummies - Derives from Birmingham being a jewelry manufacturing area " Brumagem"

Sunderland: Mackems - From the shipbuilding area, hence we " Make Em".

Manchester: Manc

Leeds : Loiner

Shrewsbury : Salopian

Grimsby : Grimbarian or Codhead.

Plymouth: Janner

A plaque commemorating Jane Bunford.
A plaque commemorating Jane Bunford.

Tallest British People

The tallest man recorded in the UK was Patrick Cotter ( O'Brien), Irish born Cotter was said to have stood at 8ft 1in and it was said he would amaze onlookers by lighting his pipe from the gas jets of street lamps. Britains tallest woman was Jane Bunford of Bartley Green Birmingham who stood 7ft 9in, Bunford suffered from curvature of the spine so it was never possible to measure her height accurately.

Unusual British Names

Philadelphia Bunnyface- Name found in a Cornish will in 1722.

Grimwood Death- The name Death is quite common in the UK it is pronounced De Ath.

Nicholas If Jesus Christ Had Not Died For Thee Thou Hadst Been Dammed Barebon - After the Great Fire Of London in 1666 this gentleman invented fire insurance.

Fare - Well Sykes - The brother of Live-Well, Do-Well and Die -Well Sykes of Yorkshire.

Lewis Unexpected Smith - His parents were probably dismayed at his arrival similarly to the parents of One Too Many Gouldstone and Not Wanted James Colville.

Benjamin Teapot- Unfortunately Benjamin was quick to boil.

The lovely Worcester village of Wyre Piddle.
The lovely Worcester village of Wyre Piddle.

Unusual British Place Names

Barton In The Beans - Leicestershire.

Bell End- Worcestershire.

Balls Cross- West Sussex

Bottoms Flash - Cheshire

Cold Blow- Tenby

Cricket St Thomas- Somerset

Dancing Dicks - Essex

Elephant And Castle - South London

Goldfinch Bottom - Berkshire

Hearts Delight - Kent

Indian Queens - Cornwall

Jump - Yorkshire

Lickey End - Worcestershire

Land Of Nod - Hampshire

Mousehole - Cornwall

Noahs Ark - Kent

Pease Pottage - West Sussex

Pink Green - Worcestershire

Queen Camel - Somerset

Sandy Balls - Hampshire

Sexhow- North Yorkshire.

Splott- Cardiff

Titty Ho - Northamptonshire

Wasps Nest - Lincolnshire

Wig Wig - Shropshire

Wormiehills -Dundee

Wyre Piddle - Worcestershire


Longest Running Comic Strips

  1. Rupert Bear Daily Express Started 1920
  2. The Broons Sunday Post Started 1936
  3. Oor Wullie Sunday Post Started 1936
  4. The Gambols Daily Express Started 1950
  5. Andy Capp Daily Mirror Started 1957
  6. Fred Bassett Daily Mirror Started 1963
  7. George And Lynne The Sun Started 1976
  8. Beau Peep Daily Star Started 1978
  9. IF The Guardian Started 1981
  10. Striker The Sun Started 1985

Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis

Highest, Longest, Largest, Most Common

The highest mountain in the UK is Ben Nevis in the Grampian Mountains of Scotland at 4,408ft

Britain's tallest building is The Shard in Southwark London at 1020ft.

The longest canal in Britain is the Grand Union Canal that stretches from London to Birmingham for 137 miles.

Britain's longest motorway is the M6 Rugby to Carlisle 226.7 miles.

Galloway Forest Park in Dumfries and Galloway is the largest forest in Britain that covers an area of 297 sq miles.

Eas a Chaul Aluinn in Scotland at 658ft is Britains highest waterfall.

The River Severn that starts in the Welsh mountains and runs through England is the longest river at 220 miles long.

The largest lake is Loch Lomond in Scotland 27.46 sq miles.

The West Midlands is the most densely populated county in Britain with 7,470 people per sq mile. Powys in Wales is the least densely populated with 65 people per sq mile.

Ripon is the oldest city in Britain with city status being granted in AD 886.

Newton and derivatives of, Newtown , New Town is Britains most common place name.

The Cottage is the most popular house name in Britain.

Dalness, Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands is Britains wettest place with an average rainfall of 130.16 inches per year.

The hottest year ever recorded in Britain was 2006 with an average temperature of 51.48 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The execution of King Charles 1st
The execution of King Charles 1st

Famous Events In British History

  1. Roman Conquest AD 43
  2. Norman Conquest 1066
  3. Signing Of The Magna Carta 1215
  4. War Of The Roses 1455 - 1487
  5. Shakespeare Born
  6. Defeat Of The Spanish Armada 1588
  7. English Civil War 1642 - 1651
  8. Execution Of King Charles 1649
  9. The Great Plague Of London 1655 - 1666
  10. Great Fire Of London 1666
  11. Act Of Union - Uniting England And Scotland 1707
  12. Battle Of Trafalgar 1805
  13. Battle Of Britain 1940
  14. The Beatles Are Formed 1960
  15. Falklands War 1982

The Great Storm

The Great Storm of 1703 left between 8000 and 15000 dead including the Bishop of Bath and Wells and his spouse who were killed when a chimney fell through their roof onto their bed.

Coldest Winter

The coldest winter to hit Britain was 1740, it became so cold that icebergs appeared in the English Channel and hogs and oxen roasts were held on the frozen River Thames.


During the First World War Britain suffered 956,703 military casualties compared to the Second World War 382,600.

London was Britain's most heavily bombed city during the Second World War suffering 85 major raids, Birmingham and Liverpool were next with 8 each. Although only facing two raids the city of Coventry was virtually destroyed including having its cathedral raised to the ground.

634 Victoria Crosses were awarded for gallantry during the First World War.

The Battle Of Culloden was the last battle to be held on British soil.

80,400 is an estimate of the amount of Britons killed when the Iceni tribe led by Queen Boadicea faced the Roman Army with a Roman loss of just 400.

Contrary to belief popularized by the movie Zulu, most of the soldiers that fought the Zulus at the Battle Of Rorkes Drift were not Welsh but from the Warwickshire and Worcesterhire regiments of the midlands.

Ruth Ellis the last woman hanged in Britain.
Ruth Ellis the last woman hanged in Britain.


  1. The Last Witch Executed. 1727
  2. The Last Beheading 1747
  3. The Last Person Hung, Drawn and Quartered 1782
  4. The Last Person Burned At The Stake 1789
  5. The Last Public Hanging 1868
  6. The Last Woman Hanged 1955
  7. The Last Man Hanged 1964

Most Popular In Britain

  1. Pets - Dogs
  2. Most Visited Historic Property - Tower Of London
  3. Art Gallery - British Museum
  4. Most Visited City - London
  5. Tourist Attraction - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  6. Pub Name - The Crown

The Python team.
The Python team.

Famous British Comedies

  1. Monty Pythons Flying Circus
  2. Dads Army
  3. Fawlty Towers ( Only 12 episodes made )
  4. Only Fools And Horses
  5. The Office ( Also US version starring Steve Carrell )
  6. The Good Life
  7. Till Death Us Do Part ( Archie Bunker in the US )
  8. The Inbetweeners ( Also US version )


  1. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham, Britain's oldest pub.
  2. Royal Oak - very common pub name named after Charles the Firsts attempts to escape the Roundheads during the English Civil War by hiding in an oak tree.
  3. The Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire, Britain's highest pub situated at 1,732 ft.
  4. The Nutshell in Bury St Edmund's is Britain's smallest pub it occupies an area of just 5 x 2 meters.
  5. At 104ft the bar of the Horse Shoe pub in Glasgow is Britain's longest.


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