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All About Halloween

Updated on March 31, 2012

Well, Halloween is almost upon us on Oct. 31. Many people are not really familiar with Halloween. For most people, it is just a reason to dress up and be someone else for the night. Then, of course, for the kids it is really an excuse to get more cavities for free. For people in other businesses, it is a chance to make some extra money. Since, Halloween is so mixed up with historical fiction and facts people see it as a night to be able to dress up and just go crazy or allow their split personalities to come forward, and no one will be the wiser. This is rather fitting since the holiday itself has a severe case of identity crises. Here, are some important things you probably never knew about Halloween that you should know.

Halloween was New Year's Eve for the ancient Celtics

Halloween is a major holiday for the Celtic people. It represents the first of the New Year for them. It begins in the summer solstice ends and the winters begin. The Celts believed that the eve of the November 1st was time for long gone and dead spirits to roam the earth and create problems for the populations by preventing crops from growing or destroying the lives of the non-believers. With the onset, of these spirits being released it allowed the Celtic priests to predict what the winter months were going to be like in the near future. It also allowed them to predict the tribe’s future. This resulted in the wearing of traditional costumes in an effort to hide their true selves from the spirits so that they would pass them by.

The practice of trick-or-treating originated from poor people begging

The practice of trick or treating is a common nowadays and fun for the kids. It is essentially a form of begging. It started in the British Isles early in British history as the poor folks of the island would go “souling”. The beggars would go door to door and beg for food and clothing, and they would offer to pray for the souls of the dead in exchange. This is how trick or treating began its roots.

The light in a jack-o'-lantern is provided by Satan

The legend of the jack o Lantern is a little bit scary, and intimidating at the same time. According to the legend there was a terrible man named stingy jack. He would constantly play a tricks on people with the devil. He then cut a deal with the devil that he would not take jacks soul when he died. Upon, his death jack was not allowed into heaven because of his evil ways while he was alive on earth. He then decided, that he wanted to stay in hell, but the devil kept his previous promise and would not allow him to stay. Therefore, he is forever wandering the earth between heaven and hell with a single lantern he made from a turnip which was lit by the fires of hell courtesy of the devil.

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In America, Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday

Halloween around the world is a very popular holiday, but nowhere is it more popular than in the USA. Annually there are 7 billion dollars spent by individuals on decorations and candy for this night of “spooktacular.” The Halloween holiday in the US had a more modest beginning. It use to be celebrated in only a few communities across the US. When in the early 19th century that immigrants started wearing costumes and going trick or treating did it catch on more as a national yearly holiday. It is now second to only Christmas in commercial holiday sales.

These are just some little known facts about Halloween many people are not aware of. So, next time you are out in your costume or lighting your jack o lantern make sure you remember the roots of this wonderful holiday.


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  • janiek13 profile image

    Mary Krenz 6 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

    Very interesting!I didn't know that about Halloween.