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Fun Halloween Party Themes for Teens and Adults

Updated on October 8, 2014

What Theme Will You Choose?

Consider a costume theme for your Halloween Party

Along with the fun and excitement of Halloween comes the stress and anxiety in determining your costume. For some this is a simple task, for others it takes a great deal of planning, thought, and usually last-minute shopping, especially if a Halloween party is noted on your calendar.

If you plan on hosting your own Halloween party, you may want to consider a theme revolving around decor and costumes. A Halloween party theme simplifies the costume selection for everyone invited, and provides a uniquely entertaining party experience.

A Medieval Theme is Always Fun

An easy theme to achieve on all counts is a medieval or fantasy theme. A large selection of costumes is available for either Halloween party theme, along with a vast array of props and decor items, along with simple ideas you can use to achieve the overall affect of a medieval styled castle or similar environment, such as a wizards chamber or dungeon.

For a medieval theme, encourage your guests to come dressed in medieval clothing, either as nobles, court jesters, knights and princesses, or even peasants. You of course will preside over all as either the king or queen of the event.

An excellent resource of information for such a party can be found in the book Medieval Celebrations: How to Plan for Holidays, Weddings, and Reenactments With Recipes, Customs, Costumes, Decorations, Songs, Dances, and Games by Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly. You'll likely find lots of useful information that you can apply to your Halloween party, along with tips on food and decorations.

Consider a fantasy theme as well

If you prefer more of a fantasy feel to your party, there are a number of options to choose from. You can make it simple with just standard sword and sorcery and fantasy ideas, encouraging your guests to dress once again in medieval clothing, along with wizards, knights, mythical creatures, and anything else relating to fantasy.

It should be fairly simple to find appropriate decorations at stores selling Halloween supplies, and you've got a creative mind and a talent with simple crafts, you can easily make items such as wizards hats, cloaks, spellbooks, and other items to further enhance the theme of your Halloween party.

For more specific fantasy theme parties, try a Greek or Celtic mythology Halloween theme party. This can be interesting and a lot of fun, but costumes may be harder to find or put together.

It's Halloween! Be scary!

Leaning more toward the horror side of Halloween themes, you can put together an all-vampire theme Halloween party, or expand upon that idea, and host a come as your favorite horror movie character party. These themes will require little effort, as costumes are probably easily found, along with many scary decorations and items.

Superheroes are in!

Come as your favorite superhero is also a popular Halloween party theme, with a large variety of choices to choose from, though of course there is always the danger of too many Supermans and Batmans at the party. But with the large amount of superhero movies and comics gaining popularity, there will hopefully be little danger of duplicated costumes.

Just go wild!

An odd but funny theme would be to encourage guests to dress in animal costumes. You can decorate your home to look like a jungle or forest, and if you anticipate a large amount of cats and dogs showing up to the party, you can serve cookies or cakes in the shape of dog and cat treats, or similar themed fare.


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