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Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas For Children and the Grownups Who Love Them

Updated on January 12, 2010

Valentine’s Day is about fun and love. Show your kids how much you love them with these fun Valentine’s Day celebration ideas. From showing your kids how much you love them, to throwing a party and keeping them busy, you’re sure to find some good ideas for a fun Valentine’s Day here.

Make Your Children Your Very Best Valentines

Show Affection to Your Children -  What better valentine idea than letting your kids know just how much you love them? Maya Angelou says that the best thing for your child is that your eyes light up when she walks in the room. Taking a moment to acknowledge your precious gift will go far in letting her know you love her. Hug and kiss your babies, never worrying that you'll spoil them. But physical attention is not the only way to show affection to your child.

How to Write a Valentine’s Love Letter to Your Child - Valentine's Day is a time for parties and treats and most likely your child will exchange silly cards with their friends. But what if they got something really special this Valentine's Day? You can strengthen your bond with a child this Valentine's Day by courting her with a love letter - parent to child style. The beauty is that your message can be tailored to any age, from toddler to teen.

Throw a Valentine’s Day Party!

How to Host a Valentine’s Party – Valentine's Day is one of the last remaining holidays we're allowed to celebrate in public elementary schools. If your school doesn't make room for Valentine's, why not host your own? The theme works just as well for birthdays, block parties, or extended family get-togethers. Make this year's Valentine's party fun by keeping it simple and taking a few of these tried and true ideas.

How to Make Balloon Decorations – Need Valentine’s decorating ideas? Everybody loves balloons and balloon decorations can add a special atmosphere to kids' parties. You can get extremely creative when making valentines decorations out of balloons, tailoring your decorations to your event. And the best part is that balloons are affordable and easy to work with.

Fun Valentine’s Activities for Children

Free Valentine’s Day Printables - There are so many results when you search for free Valentine's Day printables. Some even have complicated instructions to follow in order to print out the pages. Personally, when I'm trying to keep kids busy, all I want to do is point and click. I've seached and clicked through all the ads to save you time and take you straight to the good stuff, that is the free card, game, or coloring page itself! These are some of the best links I've found.

Valentine’s Jokes For Kids - Valentine's jokes for kids collected from around the web, all G-Rated. Jokes are more than just fun for kids. They help to develop language in a fun way. They say the pun is the highest form of language development. Experts agree that telling jokes develops language skills. Embrace your inner goofball and help your children learn at the same time with these cute Valentine's jokes for kids.

Best Valentine’s Day Books For Children – Books make the perfect Valentine’s gift. For the kid who hasn't shown much interest in books or reading, the Valentines ideas may be enough to lure him to the page. It's easy to stock up on Valentine’s books online or at your local big box store, but don't forget about the library. Check out these books for different age levels to find something that will speak to your child. Don’t forget the teachers. They will love these for all their classroom valentines!

Image Credit: Pink Sherbet, Flickr


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