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Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift: Creative Birthday Solutions for Kids

Updated on August 10, 2013
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Mom. Homeschooler. Mystery shopper. Editor. Wife. These are a few words to describe notyouraverageal. Her life is anything but average.

A little bathroom humor goes a long way!

Give Them the Royal TP Treatment

For this, you will need $1 bills and a roll of toilet paper. Carefully unroll the paper and begin attaching bills to it with either tape or staples. Space them evenly so the roll with have to be unrolled to get the full amount of money.

Neatly roll the toilet paper back with the bills in place. Leave some TP at the beginning of the roll without bills attached so the roll will look neater. Wrap the roll of toilet paper in a gift bag or box.

Watch as they unroll it, and let the good times roll!

Give Your Gift a Lift

Money balloons are a fun and easy way to give money. Kids of all ages will love to see their gift surrounded by helium.

Get clear balloons if possible. Light colored balloons that will be see-through when inflated will work too.

Put small pieces of curling ribbon and confetti in them. You can even use the "holes" from a hole punch.

Roll the bills and place them in the balloons. Be careful when doing this, so you don't puncture the balloons.

Have the balloons filled. My local supermarket charged 50 cents per balloon to fill them.

Tie your bunch of balloons to a pack of candy for an extra special treat.

What do your kids think?

Do your kids like to get money, gift cards or toys as gifts?

See results

Time to Break the Bank!

Give a Container for the Money

Give a cute piggy bank with money inside. Or, for an older child, give a locking cash box. Then, put the different denominations of bills and change in the box to get them started. This will give them a place to save.

Ah, Happy Birthday, Grasshopper!

Get Creative with Folding

If you are talented enough, make origami with the bills. Then, wrap those in a cute box or bag.

The Perfect Accessory!

Money You Can Wear!

You can also make a money necklace. Remember making paper chains in school? Make a smaller version with money and form it into a necklace. That birthday kid can certainly make a fashion statement when wearing bills!

Use Those Old CD Cases

Add a Little Rhythm to the Celebration

Use a clear CD case. Print a paper with "Happy Birthday, (Child's Name)" on it to fit the case. Slip that inside and place the money in the case.

The birthday boy will think he knows what he is getting, since it feels like a CD case. However, what he'll find inside will be much more fun.


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