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Fun Wholesome Christmas Traditions You Can Add To Yours

Updated on December 16, 2011

" I Was Gonna Have A Blue Christmas"

We all have our favorite family Christmas traditions; some are just starting new families or blending two families together. Here are some ideas for starting a new wholesome family tradition this Christmas that just might stick and be continued for many years to come.

3 gifts, The wise men: After sharing the story of the wise men that brought 3 gifts to Jesus after following the star. " Buy 3 family gifts for families in need." You will get a glimpse of the gratification of giving and ultimately it will remind you of the "true" meaning of Christmas.

"In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew 25:40 KJV

Put on a show~ Instead of everyone just spending all their time just visiting, eating, bickering or playing with the new toys; have a lil show for fun. Every family usually has star that can lead, then include others as well. (You just might be surprised what you can get granny to do.)

Like for examples:

"Reenact the Christmas story, dress up in bed-sheets, hand-made getup and remind everyone the true meaning of Christmas." Makes for some fun pictures, videos and memories.

"Rewrite a Christmas song to be humorous, then perform."

" Create a mad-lib story and let your family fill in the blanks for a hilarious, custom Christmas story that is sure to evoke roaring laughter."


Food Art: " Make Christmas dinner an art by shaping foods like a snowman, Santa hat, reindeer head, Christmas tree, angel, ribbon bow, stocking boot etc.

Example: Cheese balls are easy to turn into a snowman with green olive eyes, baby carrot nose, black olive mouth, pretzel sticks arms, shredded celery scarf and a hat-shaped bunch of crackers for dipping.

Make It Personal: Give each of your children one gift that is personalized in some way. This will be something they look forward to and cherish forever, when most gifts are too soon forgotten. You can make something homemade with your own touch and talent, or try a photo gift that will make a nice memory. Engraved gifts are a nice, sophisticated gift to always be remembered. Also embroidered gifts make warm, thoughtful gifts as well. ( Thinking about the heirloom quality an item has before you personalize is a wise choice for lasting gifts.)

Make Homemade Christmas Cards: This will be fun getting everyone together with glue, colorful paper, and all kinds of photos and embellishments; making hand-made Christmas greeting cards. Your friends and family will look forward to them every year and will feel the personal touch; saving yours, lots of times throwing the rest away.( Might be good to start early if you send out lots of cards.)

For Variety Lovers: Try a new food theme for each Christmas dinner like Mexican fiesta, Italian, Greek, Southern Cooking, Taste of the Islands..........

Memory Book: Create a book for Christmas memories. Every year have each member of the family share their memories of that Christmas in detail. This will be cherished years later. ( You can even create a pouch to store that years Christmas home video).

Christmas Camp Out: The night before Christmas the family can camp out in sleeping bags, tents or pallets by the Christmas tree. If there's a fireplace, you can roast marshmallows and pretend it's a campfire. The kids will love it, while they sip hot chocolate from their thermos and dream of whats inside their wrapped presents under the tree. Then Christmas morning, the fun begins.

Christmas Newsletter: Send a Christmas newsletter about your family events that year with pictures and updates from each member of the family. A different twist to ordinary cards, less expensive too.

Give~The Spirit Of Christmas Is~ Giving: What better way to make memories with your family than to make a difference in someone's life this Christmas.

" Find some way to give and help someone who is hurting or in need; whether it's a cup of hot chocolate, a bill of groceries, money in a card, gift basket etc."

There's no more rewarding feeling than when you give and make someone else smile and have a Merry Christmas. "Tis the season to give!"

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, please share in the comment block below some of your own Christmas traditions or memories:)



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    • profile image

      Memaw Burdge 

      7 years ago

      Those are absolutely adorable children!!!


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