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Fun and Exciting First Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on February 27, 2014

First Birthday Party Ideas

If your child just turned one then indeed you are very lucky. You have been blessed with the one thing that is most important to people, a child. A one year old child can hardly speak but can make plenty of weird noises that make them all the more adorable. And your child probably cannot walk because as much as I have observed, children who are this young can hardly walk and even if they do they walk in the cute fashion taking after their kind; in the gait which makes you worry they would fall any second (when in reality they could go on walking like that for hours on end) and which makes them toddlers who toddle around the house in a weird but loveable manner.

Anyone who has a child of one should celebrate the birthday; even though your kid will not remember their first birthday and you probably would have a hard time making them co operate you still should celebrate it for sentimental reasons. If you need a reason to celebrate then isn’t it enough that you have a kid whom you love? What reason is better than this one?

Many parents are confused as to how to celebrate the birthday of a child who cannot speak, can hardly walk, does not understand what is happening and definitely will not remember. Yeah, it is pretty tough but you need not worry because there are some nice tips and easy things you can do which would make your guests have a great time while taking care of your child's comfort.

A Warm Kids Birthday Party
A Warm Kids Birthday Party | Source

An Intimate Gathering for the Party

A twelve month old child is not aware of the ways of the world and does not understand that a lot of people mean that more people love you and want to see you happy. So if you go ahead and invite everyone you know would not be a very good idea because he or she does not know the faces of so many people and they would just make him scared and prevent him from venturing much farther from their comfort zone.

If they do not emerge from their safe area then that means that they would be stuck to you for the whole party because a child's comfort zone is parents and the faces he sees every day. This would make the party lose the concept of party for the child and he would not enjoy his own first birthday celebration, not that he would remember it, but still!

Invite your best friends, the ones who visit often and your child knows them, the nanny if you have one, grandparents are a must even if they do not see the child much and parents of children he/she plays with regularly. If his friends are invited then he would be much more likely to enjoy and play.


Home – The Ideas Place for Birthday Party

It would also be a good idea to host the party at your own house instead of at a restaurant or a kid's party place. Home is the place where children are with their parents and that makes it a good place; he is aware of all the places a his own house and plays there regularly so at the day of the party he would be willing to come out of his shell with all the new faces rather than staying shy and unresponsive.

Keep it short and keep it simple

Your baby is only one year old and he won't understand (when he grows up) why you felt the need to spend so much money on a party that he did not understand nor does he remember. So keep it simple without much flair and wastage of money for nothing. Even if you can afford it I would urge you not to do so because you can do a lot of good with that money. So themes are not necessary as they are in older children's parties, keep a simple look but make it colorful because that would attract babies.

Babies have short attention spans so if you make the party continue for a long time, say three to four hours they would get bored and probably fall asleep while playing. And keep the timings of the party around the baby's nap times or the guests would be waiting for the star of the party and he/she would be snoring softly in the cot.

Games and Fun Activities

Your child is only one so you would not need any particular games for him or his buddies. One game for toddlers this age could be round and round, it is fun and would make them happy. The best idea would be to leave them to their own devices. Build a play are in the room where you are hosting the party and put all the toddlers into that area; it should be covered from all sides so none of them would run off. Also the play area should be spacious so the kids won’t feel stuffy and start getting irritated and crying after some time.

There won’t be any need of party favors but if you really feel the need to then you can give all the kids a small soft toy. Don’t ever give them balloons, sweets or candies and party poppers because all of them present a choking hazard. You should also not have balloons for the party because they are unnecessary and also because if they burst and lie on the floor then children might pick them up which could be dangerous.

One thing you should definitely do is film the whole thing; how else are you going to show your kids their childhood when they grow up? You can do this on every birthday and make a collection of family movies which might be embarrassing because of what the relatives said or the friends did but always fun to watch because they make you think of a time when things were simpler.

Birthday Party Foods

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Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes
Yummy Cupcakes and Candles
Yummy Cupcakes and Candles
Chocolate Candies
Chocolate Candies
Cups and Saucers Sweets
Cups and Saucers Sweets | Source
Under the See Jellos
Under the See Jellos | Source
Cute Muffins
Cute Muffins


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