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Fun and Original Ideas for 21st Birthday Presents for Him or Her

Updated on July 18, 2011

Finding Original Ideas for 21st Birthday Presents

A 21st birthday is a very special occasion, and 21st birthday gifts should reflect that. Have fun choosing a present for a 21st birthday.

Need some original ideas for 21st birthday presents? The following list should help get you started thinking about unique 21st birthday gifts.

21st Birthdays Are All About Being Legal

How about personalized shot glasses or beer mugs? Becoming legal at age 21 is a big deal, and this is a perfect idea to commemorate the special occasion. Cocktail drink recipe books are also useful gifts for the young adult.

Along the same lines of now being a legal age is the ability to gamble. If the birthday guy or girl likes card games, get a nice poker set complete with chips. Or, if you've got a fat bank account, take the birthday party to Las Vegas with plane tickets and hotel reservations!

A hangover kit is definitely an original idea for a 21st birthday present, and it's sure to get laughs. Not to mention that it will probably be used. You can buy these or make a homemade one.

Personalized and Creative 21st Birthday Ideas

Calculate back 21 years ago. Find out what the hit movies, songs, or television shows were on their birthday. Then, buy a movie or make a customized CD of songs from their birth year. This is one of the most fun and original gift ideas for 21st birthday presents. Another idea in this vein is to buy a coin set minted the year they were born.

More personalized 21st birthday presents ideas include a picture frame with a sentimental photo or a calendar with 12 personalized photos to celebrate their entire 21st year.

There are several personalized 21st birthday presents ideas. You can get personalized M&Ms candy! Or a bottle of wine with a personalized label, even personalized beer.

Traditional Ideas for 21st Birthday Presents

To symbolize a more mature entrance into adulthood, there are a few ideas for 21st birthday presents. For young men, ties, cufflinks or a nice watch are gifts that will always be used. Young women turning 21 years old will enjoy mature, classic jewelry such as pearls. Birthstone jewelry is another nice gift idea for a 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Presents That Are Always Appreciated

Gift cards in the amount of $21 are always fun. You can bet they are appreciated, too!

Depending on the birthday recipient's personality and tastes, there is a gift card for virtually anything- movies, restaurants, video rentals, game rentals, specific stores, you name it.

Fun and Original Ideas for 21st Birthday Presents for Him or Her Comments

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    • profile image

      Maria Cayena 

      6 years ago

      It made sound a little corny, but I gave to my daughter a personalized song wich all the anecdotes we had. It was my personal gift to her ( with the help of a page,, they were great). Then we had the super party with all kind of stuff. I think it's important to participate but let them decide.

    • profile image

      Turning 21 

      7 years ago

      The best gift one can give is spending the day with him or her in the most meaningful way. You can go skydiving or scuba diving, etc. What really matters is the quality time you had together and its the best gift one can receive.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Try My 100 best shags.(by Charlie Sheene) A humurous note book with 100 blank pages and many funny one liners that can be sms'd while you are listening to some boring lecturer or boss in a meeting.If you are looking for fun and original - this could be it.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't usually, but i'll have to comment. I am almost 21 myself. Ties and cufflinks, birthstones.. a photo frame.. pearls .. in fairness, aren't they a classic tedious gift?

      Ok, just because they're getting older, more mature, doesn't mean you have to kick all the fun out the window and get such a bland, unoriginal present. Myself (and many others of my age that I know of) would agree. I dunno! maybe it's just in Ireland (where i'm from) that these would generally be seen as v. predictable, 'safe' option gifts for a 21st. Something that I personally would expect from my Grandparents, no less. Just thought i'd give my point of view on the topic, as I was searching 'gift ideas' myself.

    • Angela Harris profile imageAUTHOR

      Angela Harris 

      8 years ago from Around the USA

      Bletchen, ha ha! I guess so.

    • profile image


      8 years ago from uk

      In the UK we're legal at 18

      That's a present in itself :-)


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