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Funny Gag Gifts for an Engagement Party

Updated on November 20, 2013

Giving Fun Gifts

Over the years I have been to a few different engagement parties and have seen guests give couples some very funny gag gifts. I've also given others funny gifts for their birthdays and engagements. When it comes to weddings it is always better to give a traditional gift rather than a funny one, but most people don't take engagement celebrations too seriously, which gives guests the chance to have some fun.

When Gag Gifts Go Too Far

I personally stay away from adult gifts that may offend the couple or other guests at the party. If a present is going to embarrass the future bride or groom, their parents or anyone else in the room then it's not an appropriate gift choice. Since there are many gag gifts that are also cute and tasteful there is no reason to pick something that others may find offensive.

Quick History of Engagement Gifts

Engagement parties give everyone the chance to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a friend, family member or co-worker. In the past, guests did not give engagement gifts when they attended such an event because they did not find out the good news until they arrived at the get-together.

Today, party guests give engagement gifts, but the presents given to the couple are much smaller than the gifts given by wedding guests. Stemware or a nice bottle of wine, make terrific presents, but if the couple has a great sense of humor guests can give them a funny engagement gift that will make them smile. Funny gifts that get a few laughs make the party more fun for everyone!

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Tasteful but Funny Tshirt for Men

 Photo Copyright 2013 JennysTees.
Photo Copyright 2013 JennysTees. | Source

Cute Gag Gift Ideas

If you are going to an engagement party, bachelor party or stag and doe and decide to give a funny gift to celebrate the occasion you may end up getting a few laughs. Here are five funny gag gift ideas that lighthearted couples are sure to appreciate.

1) Engagement Survival Kit

An engagement survival kit usually includes a variety of small items and a note that lists the meaning of each one. For example, Hershey's Kisses candy can represent kisses, a small rope stands for tying the knot and gum represents the couple sticking together. This is a cute and tasteful gag gift idea. If you can't find an engagement survival kit that you like online or in local stores you can make up your own unique kit.

2) Matching His and Her Pajamas

Some couples love to spend time relaxing together in their PJs. A set of matching his and her pajamas makes a funny engagement gift. There are plenty of his and her pajama sets available online, just make sure you find out the size of the future bride and groom before buying the gift.

3) Funny T-shirts

A funny t-shirt makes a great engagement gift for couples of all ages. You can give the groom-to-be a shirt that says something funny like "Sorry Ladies This Guy's Getting Married" or "Game Over." There are also plenty of funny tees for newly engaged women. Cute couples t-shirts also makes a terrific engagement party gag gift and many men and women love to wear matching tees for fun.

Team Perfect Customizable Couple T-shirts

Photo Copyright 2013 JennysTees.
Photo Copyright 2013 JennysTees. | Source

4) His and Her Shot Glasses

If you know a couple that likes to indulge in drinks now and then you can get them matching husband and wife shot glasses. You can find customizable shot glasses online that allow you to choose a funny joke or saying to place on each glass. Whether the couple decides to use the glasses or display them in their home the fun gift is likely to be appreciated.

5) Wedding Countdown Clock

Many couples spend plenty of time planning their wedding and waiting for the special day. A Wedding Countdown Clock makes a fun gag gift for couples who can't wait for the big day to arrive. You can find the Wedding Time Countdown clock at a variety of websites including

Planning a Terrific Party

If you are newly engaged and want to plan an amazing engagement party, but you are not sure where to start then check out the video clip featured below. It offers some great tips on where to have the party and what you will need for the special event. Engagement parties give family members and friends the chance to celebrate the good news together and like any good party it needs to be carefully planned out so it is sure to be a success.

How to Plan an Engagement Party

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